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Puzzling share price movements

11 May 2020 /  Ann Crotty   10
Along with some answers for Anglo shareholders and the grim news that 130m litres of beer may 'need' to be destroyed.

Ayo: Matjila lied to PIC Commission

13 Mar 2020 /  Tebogo Tshwane    12
Inquiry report released on Thursday.

Ayo transaction claims second casualty as PIC executive dismissed

2 Mar 2020 /  Tebogo Tshwane   4
As the public awaits the release of the PIC commission's report two PIC employees linked to the Ayo deal have already been suspended.

Ayo-linked PIC analyst to challenge dismissal

25 Oct 2019 /  Tebogo Tshwane   4
Analyst Victor Seanie says he is being treated 'unfairly'.

Ayo was used to push me out of the PIC, Matjila says

13 Aug 2019 /  Tebogo Tshwane   3
Former CEO admits to making enemies on the board – because of the 'tight ship' he ran.

Matjila says from his experience, Ayo’s valuation was ‘reasonable’

26 Jul 2019 /  Tebogo Tshwane    16
PIC paid the highest asking price for Ayo Technology, and its former CEO sees nothing wrong with that.

Matjila: Deviation from PIC processes for Ayo deal was justified

25 Jul 2019 /  Tebogo Tshwane    15
Survé-linked transaction is one of the most controversial to be interrogated at the commission of inquiry.

State pension fund was in the dark about Ayo transaction

15 Jul 2019 /  Tebogo Tshwane   8
The GEPF's Abel Sithole says the fund should have been involved in approval of the controversial R4.3bn investment.

The only unit trust to hold AEEI and Ayo

6 Jun 2019 /  Patrick Cairns   13
And AEEI is its largest holding.

JSE explains Ayo and scuppered Sagarmatha listing

28 May 2019 /  Tebogo Tshwane   5
Stock exchange has a wide-ranging role in protecting investors – but it’s not ‘fail proof’, PIC inquiry hears.

‘Dr Dan didn’t lead, he ruled over the PIC’

27 May 2019 /  Tebogo Tshwane    4
Former PIC CEO's overarching influence, and the business people linked to him.

More evidence of Matjila overriding the PIC’s investment processes

21 May 2019 /  Tebogo Tshwane    9
Former PIC CEO said to have signed off on an investment worth billions before the transaction was presented to the PIC.

Ayo: Nitpicking through a testimony

17 May 2019 /  Barbara Curson   2
The business is in dire need of proper corporate governance.

PIC looks to set limits on how much it can fund single borrowers

16 May 2019 /  Tebogo Tshwane    7
State asset manager said to be tabling 'single obligor' guidelines.

Ayo valuation ‘stretched’ to meet Survé’s demands

15 May 2019 /  Tebogo Tshwane    14
Iqbal Survé instrumental in setting Ayo’s R14.7bn valuation.

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