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LATEST NEWS FOR Ninety One Ltd.  

The Ninety One Group is a founder-led independent global asset manager, established in South Africa in 1991 with GBP119.0 billion of assets under management (“AUM”), as at 30 September 2020. It primarily offers a range of highconviction, active s... [more info]

Mpact has had a whole lot of share action going on

12 Feb 2021 /  Ann Crotty  
Resulting in a significant realignment of its shareholder profile and the prospect of a controlling shareholder.

[TOP STORY] Investing in China vs the US today

11 Feb 2021 /  Simon Brown    4
Once one starts start earning over $10 000, the likes of these branded technology stocks really explode: Charlie Dutton, fund manager at Ninety One Asia Pacific Franchise.

Renergen’s zero-emission solutions and can we expect another repo rate cut?

19 Nov 2020 /  Simon Brown  
FNB's Chantal Marx on the upcoming MPC decision, Spar still struggling in Poland and Brait's NAV - do we believe it? Renergen CEO Stefano Marani on their zero-emission solution for the cold chain logistics industry and Ninety One's Sangeeth Sewnath on FNZ's Silica acquisition.

Ninety One not keen on a merger

18 Nov 2020 /  Larry Claasen    5
M&As tend to underperform, says CEO and founder Hendrik du Toit.

Investing in emerging markets vs foreign aid and Ninety One’s results unpacked

18 Nov 2020 /  Simon Brown   
FNB's Wayne McCurrie on WBHO and Ninety One results. Stor-Age GM Chris Oosthuizen talks the effects of lockdown on the business. Philani Sangweni, director at E4E Africa, discusses investing in emerging markets as an alternative to foreign aid.

‘We’re actually pretty positive on the SA environment’ – Morningstar

9 Nov 2020 /  Ryk van Niekerk   5
We're trying to build portfolios in a very cost-conscious way because every basis point saved is an extra basis point of return that an investor can achieve: SA MD Victoria Reuvers.

Top-performing flexible funds outperform the best equity funds

5 Nov 2020 /  Patrick Cairns, Citywire   2
For all time periods up to 10 years.

Sars to crack down on tax avoidance schemes

4 Nov 2020 /  Larry Claasen   43
Kieswetter says it plans to collect billons in what is owed to it.

Why the JSE is walking backwards compared with offshore markets

27 Oct 2020 /  Ciaran Ryan   30
Convert its returns into US dollars and it looks miserable.

These unbundled companies are now bigger than their parents

14 Oct 2020 /  Hilton Tarrant   1
Old Mutual’s former UK business is worth more than the insurer itself …

Stocks rally with help from China data, weaker dollar

1 Sep 2020 /  Adelaide Changole, Bloomberg  
Miners extend gains for a third day.

The logic in holding global bonds

7 Aug 2020 /  Patrick Cairns, Citywire   1
What SA fund selectors should be asking their global fixed income managers – Part 1.

How much SAA owes the banks and other creditors

18 Jun 2020 /  Hilton Tarrant   31
And which banks? Two in SA have exposure totalling R5.2bn …

Ninety One stel R10 miljard-fonds bekend om SA-ondernemings te ondersteun

8 Jun 2020 /  Moneyweb  
Hendrik du Toit – uitvoerende hoof, Ninety One

Ninety One launches recovery fund for SA economy

8 Jun 2020 /  Nompu Siziba  
John Green - Chief Commercial Officer, Ninety One

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