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Remgro Ltd. is an investment holding company established with effect from 1 April 2000, after the restructuring of the former Rembrandt Group Ltd. The Group's interests consist mainly of investments in consumer products; banking; healthcare; insuranc... [more info]

Domestic tourism ‘is the only market’ right now – Tsogo Sun Hotels CEO

27 Sep 2021 /  Suren Naidoo   5
Marcel von Aulock talks about developments at SA’s largest hotel group in the face of the pandemic, the broader tourism industry’s recovery, and how the vaccination drive is crucial for the sector.

Remgro ‘still trading at a significant discount’ – Durand

23 Sep 2021 /  Suren Naidoo   1
But share price hits 52-week high as investments in RCL, Distell, TotalEnergies and RMI Holdings boost full-year earnings.

Remgro earnings impacted by continued lockdown and contribution to SME trust

22 Sep 2021 /    
‘We are still uncertain about the lingering effects of the pandemic [and] we are very encouraged by the improved performance over the previous financial year’: CFO Neville Williams.

Remgro wil meer op ESG fokus

22 Sep 2021 /  Ryk van Niekerk  
Jannie Durand – uitvoerende hoof, Remgro

RMI to unbundle Discovery and Momentum Metropolitan

20 Sep 2021 /  Moneyweb    2
The share price jumps 14% as the market believes it will unlock material shareholder value.

RCL Foods surges to 52-week high as it swings back to profit

7 Sep 2021 /  Moneyweb  
Group sees double-digit growth in revenue and pays out an 80% larger dividend to shareholders.

‘SA is one of the top-performing equity markets over the last 120 years’

14 Aug 2021 /  Ryk van Niekerk    10
Allan Gray CIO Duncan Artus talks equities, Reg 28, cryptos, the Naspers/ Prosus share swop and why the money manager doesn't offer a flexible fund.

Are shareholders finally becoming more picky about pay?

5 Jul 2021 /  Ann Crotty   6
A look at PnP, AECI, TFG, Sasol, Remgro, Distell, RCL Foods, ‘independence’ and audit firms.

Distell’s value to Heineken

4 Jun 2021 /  Keith McLachlan  
Could be a win for shareholders if they choose to sell.

Global supply chain bottlenecks in place until year end

19 May 2021 /  Simon Brown  
FNB Wealth and Investment's Chantal Marx takes a look at the possible Heineken/Distell deal. Alex Simeonides of Capital Legacy on how Sars treats cryptocurrencies in your estate. Santova CEO Glen Gerber talks the company's results as surging shipping rates boost revenue.

Sabvest and the holding company discount mystery

26 Apr 2021 /  Simon Brown  
Keith McLachlan of Integral Asset Management on Sabvest and holding company discounts offering an opportunity. Strategist Mohammed Nalla on digging into structural inflation, productivity gains and the all-important PCE.

Q1 GDP expectations swing into negative and Remgro cuts dividend

26 Mar 2021 /  Simon Brown   1
Nedbank's Preston Narainsamy looks at the economy as the Sarb keeps the repo rate unchanged but lowers Q1 GDP expectations to negative. Bimco's Peter Sand talks the impact of the Suez Canal blockage. Remgro CFO Neville WIlliams on their recent financials.

Remgro se wins val, maar betaal steeds ‘n dividend

25 Mar 2021 /  Moneyweb  
Jannie Durand - uitvoerende hoof, Remgro

Grindrod reports headline loss as impairments hit R583m

5 Mar 2021 /  Suren Naidoo  
No final dividend declared for ordinary shareholders, but preference shareholders will get 312 cents per share.

A reprieve for the world’s thought followers (that would be us)

18 Jan 2021 /  Ann Crotty   5
Davos delayed – plus a look at trust among citizens and between China and the US, with a word or two about M&R and WBHO as well as Cartrack, Truworths, RCL and Remgro.

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