LATEST NEWS FOR Coronation Fund Managers Ltd.  

Coronation Fund Managers was founded in Cape Town, South Africa in 1993. The company is an investment-led, owner-managed business, with staff ownership of 25%. The company is also an active investment manager with a long-term valuation-driven investm... [more info]

Is a downgrade really priced in?

Keeping an eye on South Africa's bond markets.

Well-known financial advisor Thomas Stringfellow arrested

Hands himself in over missing client money.

Small caps to watch

Analyst Keith McLachlan lists his top 10.

Corporates abandoning concept of running own retirement funds – Sygnia CEO

Magda Wierzycka on the company's results and deterioration of PIC funds.

The Regulation 28 debate ignores a crucial point

'Surprise! The returns reported by mutual funds aren’t actually earned by mutual fund investors.' - John C Bogle.

Coronation’s profit hit by asset outflows

Inflows into retail market decline, alongside outflows from the long-term fund manager category.

Geopolitics fear, trade war drives up oil price

Generally, global markets were subdued.

Five things making headlines in South Africa today

Rhodes Food Group, Coronation Fund Managers and Reinet Investments results, MMI Holdings operational update, PIC inquiry.

How much risk are you taking when picking an active manager?

For a chance at outperformance, you have to accept the possibility of underperformance.

Turned away for not having enough

Investors are encouraged to seek out a financial advisor. But how much do they need to make it worthwhile for the advisor?

Spooked US markets translates to weakness on JSE

The domino effect started when Alphabet released its results, with the Alsi down 0.23%.

Elections 2019: How to position your portfolio

Investors should be ready to react as South Africa's political drama unfolds – four possible scenarios and their implications to factor in.

Are the JSE’s gains sustainable?

There's reason to believe there is support for these levels on the local market.

The danger in focusing on past performance

What historical fund returns can and can't tell you.

Is South Africa going to pull itself together?

Coronation’s Karl Leinberger talks candidly about risk.

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