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Financial planning for the stay-at-home spouse

The couple should decide at the outset how the household budget and money management will operate so as to avoid tensions and dispute.

Rental income as part of your retirement income

Your retirement income and cash flow cannot rest on a 55% payment rate from tenants.

Why diversification is imperative in long-term investing

Diversifying minimises risk – always!

Retrenchment: The dos and don’ts

Steps you can actively take to protect your financial position and chart a way forward.

Online traders vs professional investors

The strategy by online traders is not underpinned by any form of fundamental analysis to determine the value of the company that underlies the listed share.

Banking in death: Corporate cash manager accounts

CCM accounts are regulated in the same manner as normal everyday transactional bank accounts, with a few exceptions.

Making a small business work

A few insights for SMEs emerging from the lockdown.

Understanding the costs involved in buying a property

There are a number of layers of costs involved, with most of them being for the buyer’s account.

Watch: June 2020 economic update

Gold has rallied 17% so far this year.

Stopped smoking? Here’s what you can save

Your new status as a ‘non-smoker’ could result in a more favourable insurance premium, and this saving can be put to good use.

Don’t let tax take you by surprise when you invest offshore

South African tax residents are required to pay tax in South Africa on their worldwide income.

Constructing your portfolio is like choosing wine

Matching your investment options to your favourite blends.

Generational financial planning: Tools for wealth transference

From trusts to business assurance, these tools will ensure the safe transfer of wealth to beneficiaries.

How to spot an investment scam

Steps you can take to verify any potential investment.

Think technology for your portfolio

Evidence suggests investing in technological and biotechnological funds during market turmoil could gain an investor a better return relative to other traditional celebrated funds.

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