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July 2021 economic update

European stocks have been a mixed bag, as fears return over more Covid-19 restrictions following a breakout of the Delta variant.

Financial planning for women: Protecting your finances against divorce

The best time to put mechanisms in place to protect yourself financially is at the start of a relationship.

A-Z of investing

Global terms and phrases which all investors should know and understand.

Factors to keep in mind when moving after retirement

You need to take factors like security, personal relationships, relatives, climate and health into account.

Watch out for new fraudster tricks

Fraudsters have not taken a sabbatical during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The emergency fund: A financial planning fundamental

If saved in the correct vehicle, your emergency fund can earn you interest and act as a safety net to ensure that you don’t need to access high-interest debt if you are suddenly faced with unexpected costs.

When and how to set up a testamentary trust

A testamentary trust is easy to set up and can have significant benefits for your loved ones.

What you need to know about foreign exchange

The forex market is one of the most actively traded markets in the world and has an average trading value of US$5 trillion per day.

Blue bird takes flight

Through carving out engaged communities, Twitter has become more attractive to advertisers.

Raising your children to have a healthy relationship with money

Through our words and actions, we can provide our kids with a better chance of developing a positive connection with money.

Ignore offshore investments at your own peril

You are going to lose out on investment returns and global growth if you shunt this valuable add-on to your investment portfolio.

Things to have handy in case you pass away

Keep these documents safely in a folder and tell someone you can trust where it is kept.

Tax season: Navigating your 2021 tax returns

Not everyone who has earned an income in the current tax year needs to file a tax return.

Can your financial advisor get you to the Olympics?

Quality financial advice is like a good coaching relationship, where the advisor assists the client in facing and overcoming their financial challenges.

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