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Six important tips for estate planning success

How to re-evaluate your existing will, the liquidity of your estate and estate-planning goals in general.

Should you consolidate your discretionary money with your pension money?

If you have taken a lump sum from your retirement fund, you must decide how best to take a drawdown from the capital that you've saved in various investment vehicles.

Trading in bitcoin, ethereum? Sars wants its share

Spare a thought for cryptocurrency traders.

‘My husband managed our finances’

Very few women feel 'very prepared' to make wise financial decisions - Prudential study.

Weird and wonderful offshore shares

The main requirements for your new investments would be that the underlying holdings add diversity to your existing portfolio, while offering good value.

Make the most of retirement planning tax benefits

Use the remaining weeks to the end of February to review contributions to retirement investments and tax-free savings accounts.

Why a fund of funds offerings makes sense

Apart from significant diversification benefits funds of funds investment options offer a particular advantage for investors seeking tax efficiency.

Outrageous predictions for 2018

A look at Saxo Bank's annual list.

Bitcoin: what it is and why you should be cautious

How to view it within your overall portfolio, as an investment opportunity.

Choices choices … living annuity or conventional life annuity?

In a lot of cases it would be most beneficial to have a combination of the two.

Great books to read in the Christmas break

Staff members, fund managers and clients share their current reads...

Avoid a financial hangover in 2018

A few helpful tips to plan and keep track of your spending.

A case for the guaranteed life annuity

The importance of understanding what you're committing to when choosing between a living annuity and a guaranteed life annuity.

First job? How to sweat your best asset

Tips to three hypothetical new employees.

Is a QROPS still a viable choice for your UK pension?

The benefits to using a regulated/registered pension structure.

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