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Divorce financial planning for women: Here’s why it’s so important

Women – for several reasons – often emerge from a divorce in an economically less favourable position.

Financial advisors vs Robo-advisory: an all or nothing approach?

Is the value add of a human financial advisor irreplaceable, or can it be optimised with the help of Robo-advisory?

The big unwind

Since the GFC, growth style investing dominated. This has started to revert to the value style investing and it is expected to continue with this pattern.

Strategic financial management for women is highly effective

A look at the many ways in which women’s financial positions and needs can differ from those of men, and how women can strategically plan their finances to protect their financial futures.

The bottom of the markets: Are we there yet?

We are closer to being at the bottom of the market than we were last year this time.

Tax after death

It is important to be aware of your post-death tax obligations to try to avoid unnecessary tax implications.

Bond yields and their importance to investors

The slope of the yields curve provides a good indication of economic turning points, the economic cycle and earnings growth.

Celebrating women and wealth: A few tips to becoming financially secure

It's important to take charge of your finances.

Women and finance: How well do you know yourself financially?

The first step to becoming financially independent and wealthy is to know yourself.

Guard yourself against investment scams

The idea of making large amounts of money in a short period of time is difficult for many to resist.

How do you decide between retirement income options in the retail market? Part 2

It is crucial to note that no one financial solution will suit all investors.

The more things change, the more they stay the same…

We tend to forget many of the cycles we are currently experiencing have happened before, and that things turned out okay in the end.

July 2022 economic update

All sectors of the JSE ended the month in the green.

Top 10 financial priorities for single mothers

Finding a balance between investing for retirement, saving for their child’s education, and meeting the financial challenges of the present weighs heavily on the minds of single moms.

Why the fees for expert financial advice?

The adage 'you get what you pay for' comes to mind.

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