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Long-term investing: Don’t let your emotions be a compass

Exploring seven emotional biases and how they can wreak havoc on one’s investment portfolio.

Planning to get married? A comparative analysis of marital regimes

And for those who are hesitant to tie the knot, we have included the financial and legal consequences of cohabitation.

Living annuities vs life annuities: The basics

It's important to be informed of your different options at retirement.

The real cost of the war on the South African pocket

Oil price increases, interest rates, and petrol price hikes are just some of the effects of the war.

Protecting yourself financially against future ill-health

When it comes to providing for future healthcare costs, there is, unfortunately, no silver bullet.

We all need good news… let’s connect the dots

A look at some of the positive milestones SA has achieved.

Why wait until you die? Living inheritance now!

When and how to give a living inheritance, and the advantages and disadvantages thereof.

Let’s talk about… debt at retirement

Why you probably shouldn't be including your monthly debt repayments into your budget when retiring.

Disability awareness month: Taking stock of your disability cover

Taking stock of one’s disability cover will likely involve more than a cursory glance at your policy document.

The critical role of comprehensive life insurance as part of proper estate planning

Life insurance is probably the easiest and most inexpensive way of leaving a legacy.

Mid-May market report

The ongoing war in Ukraine, China’s Covid lockdowns, and increased monetary tightening by global central banks remain the biggest drags on sentiment.

15 things to know about offshore investing

There are now very few barriers to entry for those wishing to externalise their funds.

The curious case of offshore assurance

What are the benefits of having offshore insurance in place?

Wealthy South Africans are leaving in droves

Data shows approximately 4 500 HNWIs have left South Africa over the past decade.

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