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The costs involved in winding up a deceased estate

Over and above ensuring your estate’s solvency, it is also important to determine whether it has sufficient liquidity to settle its liabilities, taxes, and other financial commitments that may arise.

Prudent investing – during all walks and phases of life

A guide to assist you in times of uncertainty caused by life changes or any other eventuality.

11 ways to spring clean your finances

A good spring cleaning of your finances is not only good for long-term financial health but is also beneficial for your mental well-being.

What to consider before taking out dread disease cover

Due to the high prevalence of dread diseases, fear can result in a disproportionate spend on this benefit relative to death and disability cover.

Are you ready for retirement?

Some prudent planners will say that if you have to ask that question, you may very well not be ready for retirement.

Factors to consider before choosing a retirement village (part 3)

Take heed of the following when considering a move to a retirement village.

The future of platinum group metals in the context of the SA economy

With PGMs contributing close to 50% of SA's current resource basket, this group of metals is very relevant to the future of the SA economy.

Springtime investing

September is a great month to review your investments and give them a good old spring clean ahead of the year-end holiday rush.

Simple steps to investment portfolio building

Some insight into the foundation of an investment or wealth portfolio.

Donations tax and tax exemptions

Donations and tax exemptions form an important part of one’s overall financial and estate planning.

Living annuities: Be careful, too much offshore exposure can hurt you

To minimise volatility within a living annuity a suitable amount of capital must always be retained in the currency that you live in.

Factors to consider before choosing a retirement village (part 2)

Apart from the investment risk, resale conditions, and the different levies, the following factors should also play a part in your final decision.

Mid-September economic report

Policy is expected to remain accommodative at the next Monetary Policy Committee meeting on September 23.

10 compelling reasons to review your will

As one of the most important documents a person will ever sign, a will deserves careful and regular attention.

The role of the Guardian’s Fund

The Guardian’s Fund serves, amongst other things, to protect and manage money inherited by minor children.

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