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The most common misconceptions in investing

Examples of mistakes investors often make.

What to consider before shopping this Black Friday

Don’t let the lure of Black Friday distract you from your financial priorities.

How single parents can protect themselves financially

Mechanisms that single parents can use to strengthen their financial positions.

Considering being a stay-at-home parent?

Here’s what to take into account...

The relocation and (semi) retirement revolution

Average life expectancy is approaching 89 with the quality of life increasing. Are you prepared for the financial consequences of living longer?

Is 2020 the beginning of the end?

An article about hope...

Children and money: seven lessons you can share

Here's how to help your kids develop good financial habits that will stand them in good stead for the years ahead.

Mid-November 2020 economic report

South African economy is projected to contract by 7.8% in 2020.

Offshore investing: incorporating global diversification into your investment strategy

Global diversification is really just another way to achieve a well-balanced portfolio.

Yes, you might actually enjoy a ‘working’ retirement

Many people who go back to work after retirement are motivated by the psychological and existential payoffs.

What does your good health mean for your retirement plan?

Being fit, healthy and free from ailments may give one a false sense of security when it comes to planning for the future.

Recommended: A ‘post-Covid’ stock take with your financial advisor

During periods of change, clients should review their investment portfolios and make the necessary changes to ensure that their investments are ‘fit for purpose’ for the years to come.

Financial planning for independent contractors and gig workers

Gig workers have little employee protection and employee benefits, making financial planning an imperative for them.

Is there a connection between fitness and finance?

As you set up a fitness and exercise plan for your week, you should do the same for your finances.

Emigration: what you need to know

Answers to the most frequently asked questions.

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