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Elections, the rand and the short-term memory

‘The rand’s recent strength isn’t a reflection on any home-grown improvements….’

The rand’s recent strength is not a reflection on any home-grown improvements, but rather international factors playing out, redirecting foreign capital to higher yielding emerging markets such as South Africa.

There is no doubt that the recent municipal elections have been the most exciting for years, with the possibility of change and hope for a better future.

The ANC has been accustomed to securing over 60% of the electorate voting in its favour in past elections.  This time however, the ANC was given a run for its money. Although it was widely expected that the ANC would probably drop below 60% in the most recent election, very few expected it to be below 55% .

In turn this has been very uplifting for opposition parties who have gained stronger support from the electorate and is very positive for a young democracy such as South Africa.

This has also given South Africans a much needed boost of confidence for our battered and bruised psyche, especially after being bombarded over the past few years with bad news after bad news. Whether it was falling commodity prices, electricity shortages, the drought, political scandals, high unemployment numbers, or Nenegate there hasn’t been much to be elated about till now.

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Brian Butchart

Brenthurst Wealth


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Brian, what a lot of bollocks….

….the sentiment has changed…..i.e. there are more buyers of Rand against most major currencies than sellers…

In case you haven’t noticed already…most major currencies are influenced by ”international events”

Maybe you should rather start calling all your clients with offshore investments ….and warn them that the appreciation of the Rand this year , on a current mark-to-market have already lost more than 20 %year to date!

What a load of DRIVEL!

If you going to criticize, be constructive and substantiate your argument.

Clearly “ask me I know” hasn’t got a clue!

End of comments.


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