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How to invest offshore

Investors can invest in offshore investment funds using either a local or an offshore administrator.

Is your management committee serving you appropriately?

This is what the committee's objectives should be and how they should be held accountable.

Small does not mean sell

Companies such as Santova, Rolfes, Master Drilling, and CIL are a good buy even in the current economic environment.

Deadline looms for undeclared offshore assets

Taxpayers who don't use the SVDP to come clean, risk being taxed on the full amount not taxed before, as far back as Sars can raise assessments.

Aligning your money with your risk appetite and goals

To help you decide where and how to invest your money, consider the following...

Timing the market

Why you should always rely on a good financial advisor.

Rolfes: My chemical romance

The business is nicely diversified on a product basis, and in the medium term it will de-risk significantly on a geographic basis.

How do you select a fund that invests in Indian equities?

Why an actively managed fund might be better than an ETF.

Is CIL a buy, a hold, or a sell at current levels?

The short answer is a yes, the long answer aims to justify why.

The King IV Report – as far as retirement funds are concerned

The reality is that as governance requirements increase, so do administrative costs.

Group life cover – ‘approved’ for who?

Breaking down the jargon to help you effectively plan financially.

What you should know before investing offshore

What should your starting point be? And where do you find the data to support your decision and ensure that you are getting your desired exposure?

Income producing assets pave the way to financial independence

And help get you permanently out of the 'rat race'.

Addressing retirement fund member needs, consider TFSAs

We cannot possibly believe that retirement is the only important financial consideration in every member’s life.

The second draft default regulations

Are they appropriate for South African retirement fund members?

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