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Are you prepared for a financial ‘blackout’?

While you can't cover every curveball, it's worth planning for these five eventualities.

A new option for retirement … the hybrid annuity

It's a life (or guaranteed) annuity inside a living annuity.

What to consider when investing R500, R50 000 and R5 000 000

There are several questions to ask yourself before you decide how to proceed with investing your money....

Structure your direct offshore investment correctly, from the start

Do your own research and approach emigration and externalisation of assets with exceptional levels of critical thinking, not based on emotions.

Offshore investments: what you need to know

There are plenty of inland and outland offerings to ensure your portfolio is sufficiently diversified geographically.

Save now or retire never

Life happens, but if you have a flexible plan, with some non-negotiables, you'll be able to meet your investment dreams.

March 2019 economic and market update

News from home and abroad.

Why it’s important to understand your risk tolerance when investing

Proper risk profiling ensures that your asset allocation is in alignment with your attitudes and current situation. Picture: Shutterstock

Low-volatility equity investing

A low volatility equity portfolio fits well into an overall retirement fund and may result in both lower total risk and higher expected returns.

Mauritius may be the ideal Plan B

The 'Singapore of Africa’ offers one of the most progressive investment environments on the continent.

The legacy debate: living vs guaranteed annuity

Choosing between the two products should not be based on financial legacy.

How to retire in South Africa post 2019

South Africans will need to increase their focus on tax-efficient investment.

Retirement annuities are not the only option

You can also use local and offshore unit trusts, direct share portfolios and endowments to supplement your traditional retirement funds.

The multi-factor fund approach

Multi-factor strategies build upon the concept of diversification: that combining exposures to factors can help soften the effect of drawdowns and increase the potential for outperformance.

February 2019 economic and market update

The outcome of the national budget and international news on the market.

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