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Drafting a will is still important despite recent ruling on Intestate Succession Act

A recent High Court ruling states that a woman whose male life partner died without a will should inherit his estate.

Different retirement funding vehicles and how they work

A look at the rules for withdrawals, early termination and transfer.

The offshore cash conundrum solution

Offshore policy wrappers offer some real solutions to some of the potential issues with investing offshore.

Dread disease cover: How does it work, and do you need it?

If there's a family history of a specific illness you're concerned about, check the fine print.

September 2020 economic update

The rand continued to recover in September and is still expected by most economists to recover even further before the end of the year.

Financial infidelity takes many shapes and forms

This behaviour can destroy trust in a relationship and have long-term detrimental effects for a couple.

How do you choose a country to relocate to or for retirement?

This is my wish list to my metaphorical heaven.

Using structured products to protect your portfolio

These notes generally serve their purpose best in times of no or mediocre equity growth.

Investing: Don’t succumb to your emotional biases

Rather than live with the regret of following a particular course of action, some investors err on the side of doing nothing at all.

Prescribed assets: what the fuss is all about

For now, do not make hasty decisions or act on rumours.

Married in community of property: Financial planning for a joint estate

There are some potentially disadvantageous flaws to this system.

What happens to your debt when you die?

Failure to make provision for your debt in your estate plan can leave your loved ones financially compromised.

Living annuity vs life annuity

Once you elect to retire from a retirement savings product two-thirds of your funds must be invested into either a living- or life annuity.

Should I invest in direct offshore funds or feeder funds?

Having exposure to offshore instruments in your portfolio is beneficial in many ways.

Estate planning: understanding the technical jargon

Examining the more commonly used phrases and terms in estate planning.

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