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The JSE is cheap … so what?

Skewed performance has left South African multiples muted, seemingly appearing as bargains.

August market economic update

The public has until 15 September to comment on the finance minister's economic transformation paper.

Q&A: financial planning careers and advice for women

Don’t be put off by the fact that this is still a male-dominated industry – the picture is changing fast.

Daily, monthly and yearly financial habits

We are what we repeatedly do, and our financial position today is likely to be a reflection of our cumulative spending habits and money decisions.

Ten things to know before you invest

Investment markets are volatile and subject to short-term fluctuations, making timing the market incredibly difficult.

Put your financial advisor’s number on speed dial

There's much to be learnt from approaching your personal finances like you would a business’s finances.

What prevents people from seeking financial advice?

Sadly, many people wait until retirement before seeking financial advice – only to discover that they are under-funded for retirement.

What do I need to know when choosing trustees?

Before considering the appointment of trustees, it is important to understand what a trust is. A trust comes into being when a donor or settlor donates assets or cash to the trustees of a trust to be administered by the trustees on behalf of, and for the benefit of, the trust’s beneficiaries. The rules in

Shake up your finances this spring

Saving money will allow you to boost your investments, so it's worth the effort.

Create a financial plan … and act on it

Investors can protect their money by changing the asset class or vehicle an investment is in.

What is the real tax rate in SA?

Income tax is just the start; hidden taxes must also be considered in budgets.

How to raise entrepreneurial children

Fostering entrepreneurial skills at home means encouraging curiosity, independence and a willingness to figure things out on one’s own.

We’re all victims of fraud

Investors should not commit more than they can afford to lose to speculative opportunities.

How to invest in volatile times

A'quality’ approach aims to provide low-volatility returns by investing in attractively priced, high-quality global businesses and investment products.

Retirement funding: what retirees regret most

A huge regret by many is not having preserved their retirement funds when changing jobs or moving between employers.

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