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The effects of inflation over a 42-year period

When comparing food prices back in the 1980s to food prices now, the inflation rate has increased significantly.

Five money tips every father should teach their children

Unconventional but valuable tips I learnt from my father, based on common sense principles proven over his lifetime.

Providing for your minor children: The importance of appointing a guardian

Appointing a legal guardian for your minor children will ensure that someone you know and trust will care for them if you are no longer around.

Practical guide to offshore investments – Part 2

An appropriate investment product, e.g. an offshore investment wrapper, can help to avoid the complexity and cost of offshore inheritance taxes.

Protecting your portfolio against the next pandemic, war, rising inflation, or debt crisis

Focus on long-term goals rather than short-term emotions.

Changes to divorce legislation that could affect your financial planning

Two recent court rulings pertaining to the rights of spouses and partners have shone a light on such rights and bear further commentary.

What happens to your investments when you die?

It is important to understand what happens to your assets when you pass on so that you are able to invest in investments that will ensure your beneficiaries receive maximum benefits.

Noise and bias in your investment portfolio

Bad decisions caused by both bias and noise are rampant in the market.

Eight financial planning tips for graduates

Starting your financial planning journey the right way is critical to your future financial success.

Offshore investments with minimal volatility

Have your bread buttered on both sides.

What the recent interest rate hike means for your debt

Interest rates have recently been very volatile, with the fluctuations affecting people differently depending on whether they’re an investor or a borrower.

Structuring your bond: Consider your lost opportunity costs

Exploring the longer-term effects of a 20-year bond versus a 30-year bond in relation to one’s retirement funding.

May 2022 economic update

South African equities ended relatively flat with the FTSE/JSE All Share index losing 0.47% in May.

Let’s talk about… 1%

The 1% rule isn’t just true for habits, it’s also true for your investment.

Famous Brands reports stellar results

But what does its Human Factor Score tell us?

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