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Financial mistakes to avoid in your 50s

With only a few years left before retirement, now is not the time to make financial errors.

The financial consequences of your marriage contract

How your choice of marriage regime can impact you.

Retiring from your RA: What happens next?

There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to retiring from an RA.

Things you may wish you knew sooner about money

Having debt can keep you awake at night, regardless of whether it's the good or bad kind.

Are higher long-term returns worth the volatility?

The financial rewards for being comfortable as an investor are the same as the physical rewards for sitting on the couch.

The value of a living will

Once drawn up, a living will should be signed and kept in the safe custody of a doctor or attorney/fiduciary specialist.

Checklist: Things to do before the end of the tax year

Ensure you've taken all steps possible to reduce your overall tax liability.

Retirement annuities: Answers to frequently asked questions

You can stop contributing to a unit trust RA at any time, without any fees or penalties.

A decade encapsulated

As a new decade dawns, we look at a few major international, regional and local headlines that gripped the last decade. These were headlines that shocked us, made us laugh, dance, cry, emotional, enriched us and above all made us united as a true rainbow nation when our boys lifted the Webb Ellis Cup right

Was cash king in 2019?

Staying the course is vital.

Making sense of tax-free savings accounts

A TFSA should be viewed as a long-term savings vehicle.

Bumper 2019 for global markets -where to for 2020

Why going offshore is considered a key part of investment strategies.

What happens when your spouse dies?

You may face financial challenges if you don't understand the impact of your marital property regime.

Retirement annuities: Tax-efficient, long-term investment vehicles

RAs are exempt from tax on dividends and interest, and no capital gains tax is paid on investment growth.

Healthcare costs in retirement: Don’t rely on wishful thinking

Ill-health goes hand-in-hand with ageing.

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