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AdaptIT: So far proving adept at creating value

A closer look at the numbers.

What are investors really paying?

Examining the advent of full collective investment schemes cost disclosure.

Offshore is a yes, but how?

Direct investment versus product.

Six-month window to get offshore assets tax compliant

Taxpayers should make use of amnesty period to avoid penalties.

Starting your own business? Do not forget about life cover

Things to keep in mind to protect your legacy and your family’s well-being, after a dreaded disease diagnosis or if you pass away.

Managing your household expenses in these tough economic times

During tough economic times, try to limit your exposure to debt as much as possible.

Travelling abroad? Here are some tips

How you can make the most of your money.

Retirement annuities and compound interest – twice the growth

Forget get-rich-quick schemes; an RA offers incredible benefits that will see your funds grow ever-faster, provided you have the patience to start investing early and keep at it.

Elections, the rand and the short-term memory

'The rand’s recent strength isn't a reflection on any home-grown improvements....'

Hedge funds, income provider funds and Afghanistan

Why a hedge fund of funds is a good way to gain exposure to hedge fund strategies.

Invest with greater certainty

Reducing portfolio volatility through guaranteed investments and structured products.

Master Drilling: Well worth a dig

Why you need to buy the best driller of holes in the world for your bottom drawer.

How much is enough and is it enough?

Making sure the inflation assumption is correct in your financial planning models.

Too flush to fail?

Are current central bank supported equities levels artificially inflated and what does this mean looking forward?

Santova: A share you ought to own

Addendum:I am very sorry, but I have made a mistake in the valuation calculation for Santova. The share is not “worth” R660 million because the R100 million profit after tax in five years time is worth R660 million IN FIVE YEARS TIME. In other words, I forgot to discount that R660 million to the PRESENT day.

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