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Fact, fiction and other thoughts

Lesson from science for any businessperson, investor, or human being: if you want to learn something about the fields you are involved in, ask questions that will allow you to know when it breaks.

Love and money … how to make it a match

Money tips for couples.

Retirement capital – Do we have enough?

As one approaches retirement the focus changes from asset accumulation to income generation. This change begs the following questions: Do we have sufficient capital to generate the income we require to maintain our standard of living? For how many years are we going to need to provide this income? What real returns (return less inflation)

Artificial Intelligence, economics and the famous guy in the wheelchair

We are too confident in our ability to understand and control complex phenomena like the economy or politics.

Rising interest rates good for some, offshore remains best option

We are only at the beginning of an increasing interest cycle; any exposure to interest bearing instruments should only form part of a 2016 strategy.

What do all the great investors have in common?

The best books I've read on investing.

The art and science of investing (Part 1)

The art of investment management: know when to strictly follow a model's guidelines and when to digress from it.

What to expect in 2016 and how you can prepare for it

What you need to consider before making any financial decisions this year.

What is an affordable income drawing rate in retirement?

Factors to consider when calculating a sustainable, tax efficient income from your hard earned savings.

Does your retirement plan include supporting your children?

Making tough decisions in knowing how to deal with adult dependants.

If you think your savings will be sufficient for retirement, think again!

Higher life expectancy: key factors to consider.

Procrastination: it is a lose lose game

Thoughts on when it’s the right time to invest.

Are trusts still as applicable as they once were?

Discussions on the Davis Tax Committee Report and its recommendations in terms of trusts.

Tip: Is paying off your bond really the best way to pay off your bond?

Should you make additional payments to finish paying off your bond sooner? It’s something most of us strive for because it offers financial peace of mind plus acquiring a debt-free property to your name is a big step towards financial freedom.

Tip: Taking charge of your finances

Too often, we become complacent about our personal finances and as a result, we miss out on the long-term benefits. Growing your wealth and reaching that goal of endless passive income is a tough task and requires a very particular approach to your finances. It’s an approach that very few adapt mainly because Personal Finance

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