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Where are the best returns for your investment, at this moment?

Risk is probably as important as returns, yet investors seldom want to discuss it.

Money and stress

It’s very difficult to solve a problem if you refuse to accept that you have one.

A handful of easy tips when planning your estate

Consider a last will and testament, beneficiaries, estate liquidity, record-keeping and taxes.

This building block is a key part of any financial plan

Why risk cover is so important.

Pay less tax and be patriotic? Yes it can be done

The attraction of the upfront income tax relief, via Section 12J, is that it effectively reduces the cost of the investment, thereby boosting overall returns.

Five retirement myths

It's best not to bank on working past 65 or making a huge profit on selling your house. Plan for unforeseen circumstances.

Moneywise tips for saving for your holiday during a recession

Plan your holiday properly to avoid the bitter after-taste of a holiday you enjoyed but could not afford.

Investing in a bear market

It doesn't makes sense to shift your money around to outguess the markets.

The importance of committing to a plan, and sticking to it

Investors need to remain committed to their investment strategies, and in particular offshore exposure.

Use tax efficiency to enhance your long-term returns

South Africans can enhance their long-term investment returns by taking advantage of suitable exemptions permitted by Sars and by reducing their income tax via rebates.

How should I invest a lump-sum?

You may have a better rate of return by putting a lump sum towards your debt, than you would investing it.

How to invest for retirement when you earn a small salary

Five simple elements – and you’ll have a sound strategy for the rest of your life.

Sis, bro … let’s talk about money

Adult children may be nervous about raising the topic of their parents’ finances out of fear of appearing greedy or nosy.

Mom, Dad … let’s talk about money

It may be a difficult conversation to have, but as your parents get older, you will need to start talking to them about their finances. It might not be easy getting them to open up about their finances, but it’s a necessary step in the planning process. You probably still remember your parents sitting you

Tax season 2018 has started

What do I need to know as a provisional and non-provisional taxpayer?

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