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Competing priorities: Financial advice for the sandwich generation

Tips for those feeling trapped by the demands of multiple generations.

Freedom of testation: Understanding key concepts and principles

Estate planning is a complex area of expertise and it helps to understand key concepts and principles before developing one’s legacy.

Ho Ho Ho: Santa and your tax-free savings account

A gift of an investment in your child’s or grandchild’s name has multiple benefits.

Smart money moves for new graduates

25 tips that will help you with 'adulting'.

The benefits of investing offshore and what to consider

International investing may offer a hedge for investors who fear the depreciation of the rand.

Financial terminology: Know the difference between these key concepts

Do you know what is the difference between an heir and a legatee?

How do the rich get richer?

The rich get richer by putting their money to work.

What’s the best financial advice you’ve ever been given?

25 pearls of financial wisdom.

Financial infidelity: Trust is not the only casualty

Financial infidelity can cause arguments, unhappiness in the home, built-up resentment and anger, financial instability, and even divorce.

More tsunami waves rolling in… Protect your wealth now

It is never too late to adjust your financial plan to protect your investments against the relentless waves of economic challenges.

Why we are passive about passive investing

Index funds carry a number of risks.

Why is income protection cover necessary?

Income protection is designed to supplement your income when you are unable to work because you're ill or injured.

When to review your life cover

Over and above an annual review, life cover should be reassessed at every significant life stage and in the event of certain changes.

Christmas gifts for a prosperous new year

Eight gift ideas that will have a positive influence on the receiver's financial life.

Working your life away: What happens if you can’t afford to retire

10 considerations to help you get on track.

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