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Things to consider for the international student…and their parent

The rand is weak against the dollar and will most likely weaken further in future, thus education abroad will become costlier.

The best investment a parent can ever make

Start saving for your child's tertiary studies as early as possible, to take advantage of the effect of compounding.

WTF? (Where’s the future?)

In the current investment climate, clients and advisors must reaffirm the appropriateness of investors’ asset allocations.

Financially preparing for an unplanned pregnancy

You have time to save and prepare. The unexpected often brings a lot of joy with it.

Could the ‘Buffett indicator’ help you find value in offshore markets?

Good value/quality investments in a poorly-performing economy can outperform over-priced investments in a booming economy.

Stress-free tax filing

Tips on how to submit your return efficiently.

Plan B – financial emigration

The key to financial emigration is to set up an offshore trust, move your investments or capital into the trust and live from the trust.

Adjusting finances for the ‘blended’ family

Be aware that any account beneficiary designation will take priority over the provisions of a will.

How to transfer wealth between generations

A bottom-up approach to a family’s asset allocation can materially enhance overall wealth.

Where are the best returns for your investment, at this moment?

Risk is probably as important as returns, yet investors seldom want to discuss it.

Money and stress

It’s very difficult to solve a problem if you refuse to accept that you have one.

A handful of easy tips when planning your estate

Consider a last will and testament, beneficiaries, estate liquidity, record-keeping and taxes.

This building block is a key part of any financial plan

Why risk cover is so important.

Pay less tax and be patriotic? Yes it can be done

The attraction of the upfront income tax relief, via Section 12J, is that it effectively reduces the cost of the investment, thereby boosting overall returns.

Five retirement myths

It's best not to bank on working past 65 or making a huge profit on selling your house. Plan for unforeseen circumstances.

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