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Retirement planning or ‘financial independence’?

Financial independence as a concept is perhaps easier to consider than formal retirement for the younger folk living in the modern world today.

Estate planning: When is it appropriate to set up a trust?

It is important to be absolutely clear on your intentions for forming the trust and what you intend the trust to achieve.

15 common mistakes made by first-time property buyers

And some advice on how to avoid them.

Avoid the point of ruin

The 'point of ruin' refers to the point at which your retirement savings start declining at an accelerating rate.

Offshore trusts: Onerous reporting obligations

Before setting up an offshore trust, it is worth understanding one’s reporting obligations.

Financial planning: It’s all about the income

Financial planning should be all-encompassing and take all your assets and sources of income into consideration.

Retirement: Things to consider in the final year before retirement

Many busy executives, or people who are deeply engaged in their work – like CEOs and company directors – suddenly wake up to the fact that they are in the final stretch before retirement.

Your credit card: Money management necessity or debt trap?

If used responsibly, a credit card can have significant benefits to the user.

Factors to keep in mind when moving when you retire (Part 2)

Deciding whether you should stay put or move does not depend on a single answer but an individual and specific financial picture.

Lifestage financial planning for women

Seven life stages that many women face together with a set of financial planning considerations relevant to each.

Don’t pick the winners, just avoid the losers

The Human Factor is an actuarially based portfolio tool aimed at mitigating the risk of human behaviour.

Retirement: Healthcare cover is more important now than ever before

Many diseases and chronic conditions are a function of ageing, and your fortunate good health in the years leading up to retirement is not guaranteed to continue as you grow older.

Why you should opt for a Portuguese golden visa

The program has investments that make sense with investment limits as low as €350 000 in some cases.

The single mother’s guide to financial planning

Concrete steps that single mothers can take to fortify their financial positions.

Needs vs wants – a simple exercise

Allocating money to perceived needs can deny you funding your wants.

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