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Dying without a will: here’s what happens to your earthly possessions

Your estate will be distributed according to the guidelines of intestate succession.

Don’t give up on your retirement fund just yet

The tax benefits of a retirement fund could potentially compensate for any outperformance that might be enjoyed by increasing your offshore exposure in a non-retirement fund investment.

Important things to know about endowments

Endowments not only offer tax benefits but help investors save with discipline.

The US election is at it again

Be mindful of the risk of increased volatility in the fourth quarter of 2020.

South Africa’s default trajectory is sadly that of a sinking ship

The country has had declining real GDP (growth) since 2011.

Top 15 things you can do today that your future self will thank you for

Avoid having those ‘should’ve, could’ve, would’ve’ moments later on life.

Mid-October 2020 economic report

In early October, the rand recovered to below R16.50 to the American greenback.

Marriage out of community without the accrual: what is it and what are the implications?

This marriage regime may be a good fit for couples getting remarried later in life.

The purpose of having an estate plan

An estate plan helps to protect and distribute your wealth in line with your wishes.

The procedure to follow when a person dies

Plus the taxes and deductions payable by the estate.

The retirement revolution

Longevity and 4IR require us to abandon out-dated ideas of ageing and retiring.

Updating your financial plan after marriage

Practical steps couples can take to create structure and fairness when it comes to marital finances.

Never mind picking winners, avoid the losers!

There's an online tool that can help you improve the performance of a listed share portfolio.

Don’t let technical jargon stop you from your investment journey

Eleven investment terms explained.

Are we in the process of bargaining our economy out of existence?

The future of our economy is literally in your hands when you dig into your wallet to make a purchase.

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