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It matters how you’re married

Pros and cons of marriage in- and out of community of property.

The debt dilemma: pay or invest?

Whether you pay off a mortgage, invest, or do a combination, it'll benefit you long term - as long as you remain disciplined.

Thinking about changing jobs? Here’s something to think about

Young professionals, don't forget to tackle your financial planning admin when moving to a new job.

Millennials – it’s time you gave a darn about your finances

Putting your savings in a bank account doesn’t count as investing; you'll definitely lose out to inflation over time especially considering tax.

New Brenthurst Global Equity fund shows its mettle

This investment offers local investors exposure to global top index trackers and ETFs, including Vanguard and Black Rock.

Facts and fallacies of investment

Choosing the most appropriate asset mix for your investment is critical: too much risk and you're vulnerable to volatility and losing money; too little risk could result in lost gains.

Count your winters to, not during, retirement

Are your financial plans on track to set you up for a comfortable retirement? Time and investment returns wait for no one.

Assets must be diversified

Although it doesn't guarantee against loss, diversification is the most important component of reaching long-range financial goals while minimising risk.

Navigating financial decisions at retirement

A look at the proportions of savings to be taken as cash and the type of annuity to be purchased.

Four more things to know about investing in private equity and venture capital

Private equity and venture capital investing is becoming more accessible. Should you be tempted?

Forex – the dreaded exchange rate

How the exchange rate works in forex trade.

FAQs on investing in private equity and venture capital

Four things you always wanted to know.

How to navigate the many investment vehicles

And why it's important to consult an independent financial advisor on your savings goals.

Are you prepared for a financial ‘blackout’?

While you can't cover every curveball, it's worth planning for these five eventualities.

A new option for retirement … the hybrid annuity

It's a life (or guaranteed) annuity inside a living annuity.

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