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Financial planning for the self-employed

The advice I gave to myself ...

Practical advice for wealth creation

Draw up a budget, which includes a savings plan and investment strategy, then stick to it. Review the situation when circumstances change and amend accordingly.

Sweating pensions in the post-retirement phase

For those concerned about funding their retirement, splitting the years of retirement into distinct phases could make planning easier.

10 Questions trustees should ask

Investment consultants are trustees’ long-term strategic investment thinking partners. When selecting a consultant the trustees therefore need to make a long-term decision.

Six retirement ‘rules of thumb’ that should be retired

Are you saving enough? How much money do you actually need to retire?

Raising a CFO: Tips for teaching kids personal finance skills

The one lesson your kids won’t get in the classroom is arguably one of the most important for their future success.

What should your financial planner’s true cost be?

Measuring financial advice solely on investment performance sets advisors up for failure.

Why you can’t afford not to have a tax-free savings account

National Savings month has passed, and August brings us half way through the tax year. We thought this is a great opportunity to write about Tax-Free Savings to remind you to use your annual contribution limits.

Hedging risk in a bipolar market

How to hedge your portfolio and why.

A strategy for doubling your investment yield

Used by many, with varying success, to navigate the path of 'doubling my money'.

Finding the right professional financial planner

Your financial planner should also be the chief financial officer of your life.

To kill a bias

Sometimes you have to become more detached from your decision-making by mechanising parts of the process prone to suffer from human psychological error.

Should I rather pay off my bond than into my RA?

Managing expectations in a low-return market, the effect of fees on investments, and tax benefits of RAs for high-income earners?

Don’t be emotional about the markets

The need to maximise pleasure and minimise pain is the main cause of investors not achieving the returns available from markets.

Life insurance: the why and how

What factors do you need to consider?

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