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Junk status … cash under the mattress?

Notes on surviving the current storms brewing.

Who’s the currency piñata now?

Among emerging market currencies Mexico bares even more of the brunt of heightened volatility than the rand.

Inflation and the effect of real interest rates

The inflationary numbers illustrated by the CPI numbers have come out above the target range. What does this mean coupled with last week's interest rate hike?

Happy reading and careful thinking

The basic shape that my preparation takes and some specific thoughts resulting from that part of my job that could be considered active.

Investment heresy

Wealth-diminishing investment ideas and actions that result from acting on the wrong ideas, represented by the wrong words or phrases.


Is a potential downgrade to sub investment grade the end of the world? A technical study to understand the impact of junk status on South Africa’s markets.

Effect of a downgrade

Digesting what would happen in the event of junk status.

Doing well by doing good

It pays to be altruistic.

Tax considerations in an investment decision

A look at contributions to retirement savings and tax-free savings accounts, as well as endowment policies and Capital Gains Tax.

Staying the course: acting rationally in irrational markets

“Probably the most significant and pervasive characteristic of the human pleasure machine is that people are much more responsive to negative than positive stimuli” - Amos Tversky, 1990

Fact, fiction and other thoughts

Lesson from science for any businessperson, investor, or human being: if you want to learn something about the fields you are involved in, ask questions that will allow you to know when it breaks.

Love and money … how to make it a match

Money tips for couples.

Retirement capital – Do we have enough?

As one approaches retirement the focus changes from asset accumulation to income generation. This change begs the following questions: Do we have sufficient capital to generate the income we require to maintain our standard of living? For how many years are we going to need to provide this income? What real returns (return less inflation)

Artificial Intelligence, economics and the famous guy in the wheelchair

We are too confident in our ability to understand and control complex phenomena like the economy or politics.

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