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After a difficult investment year, what lies ahead?

In many aspects, 2016 have to be regarded as the worst financial and investment year for many people. Will 2017 be better?

The right broker equals the right cover

Should employer groups and larger corporates enforce a specific medical scheme on their staff?

A fresh breeze of reform blowing through India

Our close-up view of India’s rising middle class gave us a glimpse into the huge potential for economic growth and associated investment returns into the future.

What to look out for when selecting medical aid

The changing world of the medical scheme industry is a daunting one for most.

Some perspective on global hedge fund reporting

News of North American and European funds dominate the ‘traffic’ and search engines, channelling unwary researchers down pre-determined passages.

Staying the Course

Looking back at a crazy 2016 and what investors should be cognizant of going forward

Ascor crowned best independent financial advisor

The award and others underscores our client-focused approach.

Keep calm and have a retirement investment plan

Having a well-defined and long-term plan should curb effects of market turmoil on your investments.

Creating a will

A few things to consider.

A checklist for the holidays

Here are a few things you need to take care of before embarking on a trip.

Happy kids, healthy budget

It is easier than you think this holiday season.

Sharp shooting in financial planning

Skills you need to achieve financial independence.

Retirement benefits in divorce settlements

What you need to consider so that you are able to plan and adequately make provision for your retirement.

Don’t just stand there: Reflect on something

Sometimes voicing our concerns is essential to saving our institutions.

Time to come clean about offshore assets

The new global standard on Automatic Exchange of Information will enable governments to recover tax revenue lost to non-compliant taxpayers, and will further strengthen international efforts to increase transparency, cooperation, and accountability among financial institutions and tax administrations.

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