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Two effective tools to risk-proof your business

Business owners can use business assurance and key person insurance to proactively reduce or mitigate risks, provide liquidity and ensure smooth succession.

How do I get offshore exposure?

The decision to invest must be practical, not emotional. and must meet the investor’s circumstances.

Questions to ask the person you plan on marrying

Disparate attitudes towards money, spending, bank accounts and property ownership can lead to unnecessary tension.

Drafting a last will and testament

It's advisable that your will be drafted in conjunction with your financial plan.

How your group life cover and personal insurance work together

It's important to determine whether your group life cover is approved or unapproved as tax may affect the quantum of the final payout.

July market economic updates

A round-up of market, economy and currency news.

Keep financial planning on track through pregnancy and birth

With your partner, prepare a realistic post-baby budget that covers your maternity leave period, then work out the shortfall.

Facts and fiction about retirement

With expectation and risks come many misconceptions about planning, preparation and timing.

Financial planning advice for women

Steps women can take to ensure their financial security.

The gender retirement gap

A look at effective steps women can take to contain the seemingly-insurmountable gap.

The advantages of a retirement annuity

Investors can save tax and, at retirement, withdraw R500 000 tax-free from their RAs.

Investor appetite for sustainable investment is paying off

Figure out what's most important to you and work with a financial advisor to find socially-responsible investments that align with your values. 

How to avoid being a victim at the hands of your financial advisor

From time to time, the financial services industry is tarnished by fraudulent advisors and aggressive selling of unsuitable financial products to gullible investors.

Trusted partnerships deliver results

A look at Brenthurst's association with Momentum Global Investment Management (MGIM), Mi-Plan and Counterpoint Asset Management.

Making your future retrenchment-ready

Steps to take to ensure that you're retrenchment-ready – and what to do in the event it actually happens.

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