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Hedge funds, income provider funds and Afghanistan

Why a hedge fund of funds is a good way to gain exposure to hedge fund strategies.

Invest with greater certainty

Reducing portfolio volatility through guaranteed investments and structured products.

Master Drilling: Well worth a dig

Why you need to buy the best driller of holes in the world for your bottom drawer.

How much is enough and is it enough?

Making sure the inflation assumption is correct in your financial planning models.

Too flush to fail?

Are current central bank supported equities levels artificially inflated and what does this mean looking forward?

Santova: A share you ought to own

Addendum:I am very sorry, but I have made a mistake in the valuation calculation for Santova. The share is not “worth” R660 million because the R100 million profit after tax in five years time is worth R660 million IN FIVE YEARS TIME. In other words, I forgot to discount that R660 million to the PRESENT day.

Great Investment Decisions in 100 words (or less)

The heart of investing is decision- making.

Share investing in 100 words (or less)

The beginning of investment wisdom is to understand how businesses generate value...

Emotional investing

Sticking to your guns in periods of mass volatility.

The weapon of mass confusion

Interest rate policy divergence in the developing and developed world

Value – time to shine?

We have entered the point in the investment cycle where active value managers will be rewarded for consistency in their investment approach.

How to help clients reduce volatility in their retirement portfolios

In a future where local markets are likely to provide more muted and volatile returns than investors have enjoyed since 2008, another investment option for investors should be welcomed.

My role as a financial advisor – the need for a financial advisor

What is a well-crafted Financial Plan and what should one look for in their financial advisor?

Two questions and one attitude

What I ask and assume before taking any possible investment decision.

Sharing the spoils

How the Saudi led strategy to take back the oil market has played out and how oil rich nations are adapting or failing to adapt.

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