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Are financial advisors really worth it?

Unless financial markets, -legislation, -tax and -planning are your profession or committed hobby, you may be better off consulting an expert.

Financial considerations on divorce

Twenty financial planning aspects to work through.

Are millennials changing the world or making the same mistakes?

In failing to plan for their financial futures, they may be more like preceding generations than they'd like to admit.

Should you invest in things that retirees buy, to fund your own old age?

Perversely, good investments may turn out to be in daycare and pre-primary schools for pre-school children.

Financial planning for the terminally ill

After diagnosis, you may want to reassess your medical aid plan option, review any potential insurance claims you might have, and consider caring options for the future.

The importance of the choice of investment vehicle

A look at the benefits of using endowments.

Why the gig economy may appeal to retirees

The continual rise of digital platforms is generating more creative ways for retirees to generate income and contribute meaningfully to the economy.

Ten life events that your adviser can guide you through

When life happens: almost every significant life event has financial, tax or legal implications.

May 2019 economic highlights

A round-up of local and international political and business news.

Choosing your retirement home

Many retirees find themselves torn between buying section title, investing in a share block scheme or securing life rights to a unit.

Important decisions before entering an investment

A look at local vs offshore; active vs passive; best- or worst-performing funds; and equities, bonds, cash or property.

You, me and money

12 tips to making money work in your relationship.

Financial lessons from successful mega farmers

Many farms in South Africa are a clear example of long-term investment, everyday discipline and multi-generational planning.

Financial planning for children with special needs

A special needs child's diagnosis, severity, prognosis and life expectancy all impact a parent's financial-planning process.

Does the JSE offer compelling value?

Many people grapple with the idea that it is perhaps unpatriotic to move investments away from the JSE to markets offshore.

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