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What if you had sold in fear?

A realistic scenario illustrating selling into a falling market.

Marriage vs cohabitation: The different financial consequences

There are pieces of legislation that recognise the rights of cohabiting couples.

Covid-19 reminds us that financial structures are more important than ever

Nine lessons Covid-19 has taught (and in some cases, retaught) me…

Delay in government getting its hands on the pension fund pot

The ANC has confirmed that it is relooking at changing the rules of Regulation 28.

Divorce and your retirement funds

The division of assets where a retirement fund or multiple retirement funds are involved is complicated.

What are the alternatives to tax havens?

Tax havens will always exist as people seek to protect their families and wealth in uncertain and disruptive times.

Major money mistakes couples make

Money is the number one reason that couples fight.

Steps to take before drafting a will

Drafting a will requires the drafter to give careful thought to a number of important issues.

The benefits of using model unit trust portfolios

Diversification can be expanded to not only include different asset classes, but also different fund managers.

Choose your trustees carefully

Many people who agree to take on the role of trustee are not fully aware of their duties and obligations, nor the extent to which they can personally be held liable.

What happens when your parents can no longer manage their finances?

There are three options available, all of which serve different purposes and are governed by different pieces of legislation.

Making asset allocation decisions in turbulent times

Focusing on assets and sectors that have not yet fully priced in the upcoming global economic recovery could be beneficial.

Financial planning for blended families

Financial planning has had to evolve to cater to more diverse, and often complex, family structures.

Buying offshore property – what you need to know

Investing in offshore property is not so simple, especially when it comes to taxes on income and estate planning

How the 2020 tax season will work

The tax filing season will only be opening as from September 1.

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