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What your ante-nuptial contract means for your financial planning

An ante-nuptial contract is a hugely important document in the life of a married couple and deserves careful attention.

March 2022 economic update

The financial sector was the best performer, advancing 11.58% in March.

How playing darts is like investing in shares

Darts is a game of precision that seems easy at first but becomes very, very hard by the end, just like active stock management.

Make the most of offshore allowances

South Africans can take up to R11 million offshore annually.

12 reasons to choose your trustees carefully

Nominating trustees who have the appropriate character, skill and acumen to fulfil their duties is critical to ensuring your intentions for the trust are realised.

Income funds: A better money market alternative

Income funds aim to provide a return higher than money market returns and to earn a reasonable level of income with relative capital stability and low risk.

Financial infidelity: Big little lies

Exploring the devastating consequences of financial infidelity, what causes it, and how to protect your relationship against it.

Seven principles to be a happy and successful investor

Tips to help investors focus on staying on the right track, even during tumultuous times.

Change to the tax rate on annuity income

A taxpayer can choose to apply a fixed tax rate across their annuities.

Ark Innovation ETF: The destruction of shareholder value

The ETF has sold off substantially more than the general market, losing a whopping 60% since topping out last year, of which, 32% has occurred year-to-date.

Estate planning mistakes to avoid

Mistakes can have far-reaching consequences for those you leave behind.

Why family businesses fail

The chance of a family-owned business surviving the transition from the first to the second generation is in the region of 30%.

Facing a retrenchment: Your questions answered

It’s important to fully understand the process, your rights, and the financial implications going forward.

Dealing with war

Coming out of an incredible 2021 in the markets both locally and offshore where we enjoyed double-digit returns, absorbing the current volatility is difficult and uncertain.

How to navigate your share investments in times of war

Stay focused on your personal investment goals and strategy and remove the emotions from your decision making.

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