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What has the coronavirus exposed about our finances?

When it comes to laying bare the faults in our finances, the coronavirus pandemic has been particularly ruthless.

A look into alternative investments

Scotch Whisky has historically delivered average returns of 12% per annum over the last decade.

What to consider when choosing an executor

Your executor will need widespread skills and acumen to fulfil their duties effectively.

Critical financial questions currently being asked

Should you can your medical aid, withdraw from your investments or stop contributions to your RA?

Understanding your retirement home options

Including the pros and cons you need to consider.

FAQ about wills, living wills and powers of attorney

All you need to know if you’re contemplating updating your will, signing a living will or a power of attorney.

The importance of risk cover

Risk cover ensures you and your family will have an income should anything happen to you.

Taking emotions out of investing

Having a financial advisor can ensure that you aren’t missing any blind spots.

Choosing your annuity income

The factors you need to consider when choosing between a life and living annuity.

Temporary changes to drawdown rate a blessing and a curse

It may be advisable to leave as much of your savings in place until the market has had time to recover.

The story of the R100 bill

The velocity of money and economic stimulus.

Planning your affairs: Simplicity, clarity and detail are important

The more complicated you make your will, the greater the risk of errors, misinterpretation and unintended consequences.

Is Covid-19 giving us a taste of an unplanned retirement?

Many of us will only experience a wide-ranging adjustment like this again when we retire.

Covid-19, oil and future investment ideas

Where will we go from here?

Watch: Your investments now and post Covid-19

Pressing questions around investments answered.

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