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Fact or fallacy: Making sense of some money myths

Money myths, if believed, can set us on the wrong path and ultimately cost us money.

9 investment myths worth debunking

These myths should not prevent you from saving for your golden years.

There is no blueprint for modern day retirement

With rapidly increasing longevity and the advent of new investment vehicles, it is unlikely that you will be able to use your parents’ retirement plan.

WATCH: October 2019 Economic Update

Equity markets gained 3.1% in October which was led by a rally in the Resources sector.

Black Friday: Buying all the things you didn’t know you needed

Are we becoming slaves to an endless supply of created needs?

Effective estate planning to limit estate duty

Things to consider to make sure you don’t overpay the taxman.

Millennials require a hybrid approach to advice

Millennials prefer an advice mix that allows them to move between technology-driven advice and human expertise.

MTBPS: Has government been able to carry out what was set out?

Finance Minister Tito Mboweni delivered his much-awaited medium-term budget policy statement on October 30 2019. It’s South Africa’s most influential one as a review from credit ratings agency’s Moody Investors Services is scheduled for November 1 2019. Has our government been able to carry out what was set out? There are signs that investment spending

How to identify a Ponzi scheme

Eight red flags to look out for.

Mounting credit card debt: A financial horror story

The abuse of credit cards is often a precursor for future financial difficulties.

A will is only part of the solution

Bad estate planning can be very costly.

Financial advice to new parents

What advice would a financial advisor give to a client starting a family? Having children is an incredibly beautiful thing – one that changes your life forever. The parental instincts kick in; you become a nurturer, a protector and a provider for your little bundle of joy.  This is a very exciting journey to take,

Balance your year-end budget

10 tips to ensure that your budget doesn’t go on holiday this festive season.

Are income funds risk free?

There are several risks a management team must consider when constructing a portfolio of income-yielding instruments.

How a financial advisor can help create and preserve wealth

However, you cannot expect your financial advisor to be the purveyor of miracles.

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