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Teaching kids good money habits

Lessons you could teach your children about money according to their age group.

Where to find value in this new reality

Exposure to defence stocks, cybersecurity, and aerospace sectors will undoubtedly create value for the overall portfolio in the new reality.

Government old age grant: Can you apply?

The grant is only available to people who do not have any existing social grants. Here are the other conditions...

A financial health check: Ask yourself the hard questions

Conducting a regular financial health check should trigger an early warning system should any vital signs appear compromised.

Setting up your living trust: A basic guide for trust founders

It is important to make sure that your trust is set up as a valid legal structure that will, if necessary, withstand legal scrutiny.

How pension interest is dealt with upon divorce

The value of the pension interest allocated in terms of the divorce order is limited to the value as at the date of divorce.

Rebuilding your financial life after divorce

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the state of your post-divorce finances, here are some points to consider.

RAs and Regulation 28: What next?

Regulation 28 has been amended to increase the offshore limit. Here is what it means for the retirement savings of ordinary South Africans.

Are we in commodities boom or bust?

The volatility in commodities can present both danger and opportunity depending on where we are in the cycle.

Is now the right time to invest into equity markets?

One should focus on one’s long-term investment goals and if you can, and you can see the opportunity, then consider increasing your invested capital.

Mid-March market report

The rand has shown resilience despite the general selloff in risky assets.

South Africans’ saving habits

Few South Africans are saving enough for retirement.

The important role of special trusts

These trusts are designed to protect and ensure safe custody of assets intended for those who are unable to manage their financial affairs.

Practical guide to offshore investments: Part 1

A look at options available to investors, how South Africans can access these and the impact product choice can have on offshore portfolios.

Retirement: Women still at a disadvantage

Here's how women can improve their financial position in retirement.

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