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Traditional and non-traditional equity valuations models

It's important to understand the underlying assumptions of the model used to determine whether the current share price is under or overvalued.

A living will: Your questions answered

A living will can serve to speak for you when your voice is silenced. 

Five steps to investing offshore

Taking your money offshore is a multi-step, administratively intense process.

Financial desperation: A breeding ground for Ponzi schemes

As the coronavirus pandemic leaves more people in financial distress, the breeding ground for investment schemes is unfortunately fertile.

WATCH: May 2020 economic update

The S&P 500, FTSE 100, and Hang Seng fell in May, while the Alsi increased by 2.11%.

The costs of caring for an aged parent

Providing for the daily living and medical costs of your elderly parent – whether part or in full – can be enormously expensive.

Do you need a will for your foreign assets?

The main reason for creating a foreign will is to avoid delay in winding up your estate.

Financial freedom and retirement

Are you future ready?

An income for life: Understanding living annuities

What to consider when making this critical decision.

Difficult money conversations

Discussions you should be having with your parents, children and friends.

How your marital regime affects your estate planning

Your will needs to align with the rights and obligations that flow as a consequence of your marriage.

Good business lessons learnt in lockdown

Businesses should always be planning for the worst and finding ways to diversify at a moment’s notice.

Planning your affairs: Use these tools effectively

Effective estate planning involves making full use of the mechanisms available to you when crafting your legacy.

If Elon Musk was a South African company…

Elon Musk's market capitalisation of companies is 90% that of the JSE.

Life-limiting illness: Important financial and legal considerations

Living with the reality of a terminal illness creates a more urgent focus on several important affairs.

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