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Value – time to shine?

We have entered the point in the investment cycle where active value managers will be rewarded for consistency in their investment approach.

How to help clients reduce volatility in their retirement portfolios

In a future where local markets are likely to provide more muted and volatile returns than investors have enjoyed since 2008, another investment option for investors should be welcomed.

My role as a financial advisor – the need for a financial advisor

What is a well-crafted Financial Plan and what should one look for in their financial advisor?

Two questions and one attitude

What I ask and assume before taking any possible investment decision.

Sharing the spoils

How the Saudi led strategy to take back the oil market has played out and how oil rich nations are adapting or failing to adapt.

When retirement funding capital is limited, can you afford a living annuity?

Comparing living and life annuities and the possibility of a combination.

About last year’s roller coaster ride

Looking back at markets and understanding what is on the horizon.

Double digits? Unlikely, but not impossible

'Investors aiming for higher returns over the next five years should be prepared to stomach more volatility.'

The meeting of financial planning and philanthropy

We as citizens need to understand and build sustainable social capital.

The true cost of free money

Monetary stimulus and its inadvertent effect on global financial markets.

The spirit of a holding company (part 2)

Investors can learn much from Buffet and notable South African investors.

The spirit of a holding company (part 1)

Ideas inspired by Caylen Cane (good friend and passionate student of investment practice).

Part 2: The art and science of financial planning – with specific reference to risk profiling

Liquidity, time horizon, income needs, age and objectives all form part of a client's risk profile.

Chicken soup for the investment soul

Practical, wealth-enhancing ideas.

Junk status … cash under the mattress?

Notes on surviving the current storms brewing.

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