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Hedge fund data in the public domain, at last

Greater transparency in the hedge fund industry will lead to higher levels of trust.

Offshore is a yes, but what?

Your money is offshore and now it is time to invest.

#Feesmustfall inspires #Standardsmustfall, which results in #Realitydoesntfall

The primary cause of the #Feesmustfall mess is not money.

Under-exposed offshore, under-exposed to equities, under-diversified and over-exposed to one manager

The local equity market is small relative to international markets, and investors should consider diversifying equity investments into other geographic regions.

A financial planning priority list

And why you need one.

Why you should start planning for retirement ASAP

Young people face a longer life in retirement than their parents, so it's imperative they save enough for the golden years.

Think you are too young to live debt-free?

Here's four steps to get you out of debt and enjoying a financially independent life and retirement.

Update on Adapt IT

Clearing up CQS’s supposed profit after tax contribution, as reported in ADI's results to June 2016.

Heavyweight vs middleweight – where do you want to fight?

Up and coming boutique investments managers vs been around the block mega managers.

AdaptIT: So far proving adept at creating value

A closer look at the numbers.

What are investors really paying?

Examining the advent of full collective investment schemes cost disclosure.

Offshore is a yes, but how?

Direct investment versus product.

Six-month window to get offshore assets tax compliant

Taxpayers should make use of amnesty period to avoid penalties.

Starting your own business? Do not forget about life cover

Things to keep in mind to protect your legacy and your family’s well-being, after a dreaded disease diagnosis or if you pass away.

Managing your household expenses in these tough economic times

During tough economic times, try to limit your exposure to debt as much as possible.

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