Predicted 68.1% probability that Standard Bank will deliver on growth implied

How does the bank compare to its peers?

A Moneyweb article published on June 1 states that Standard Bank said it expects to report an increase of 40% rise in profit for the six months to June 30, 2021, which can be attributed to the signs of recovery in the local economy.

The bank reports that in the four-month period to April 30, mortgage, vehicle and asset finance disbursements in South Africa were well above the same period last year, with business disbursements in double digits.

Standard Bank is Africa’s largest lender by assets and the group expects to be in a position to declare an interim dividend in August 2021.

So how does the New Age Alpha, “Avoid the Human Factor Score” view Standard Bank’s ability to deliver the growth implied on their share price?

New Age Alpha’s “Avoid the Human Factor” tool which scores over 6 000 shares globally including many JSE listed shares, provides a score for Standard Bank of 31.9%.

This score of 31.9% indicates that Standard Bank has a 31.9% probability of NOT delivering on the growth implied on their current share price. This probability can be turned over to state that Standard Bank has a 68.1% probability of DELIVERING the growth implied by its share price.

We would therefore expect Standard Bank to be able to deliver the interim dividend as announced in the above-mentioned article.

We at Global & Local Asset Management use the “Avoid the Human Factor” strategy to manage our Collective Investment Scheme portfolios. The strategy focuses on managing portfolios like an actuary and not a portfolio manager.

The strategy comprises developing probabilities which indicate the chance of a listed company NOT being able to achieve the growth implied by its current share price.

The probability used the only two things we know for sure about a listed company: the current share price and the profitability of a company as reported in the published financial results. From these two data inputs, we can calculate the probability of the company being able to produce the results implied in the share price based on whether the company has done this in the past 16 reporting periods.

Simply put, the lower the Human Factor Score a listed share has, the lower the risk in holding that share. 

How does the Standard Bank Human Factor Score compare to its peers?

By using Global & Local Asset Management’s New York-based associates New Age Alpha’s online tool available here (click the New Age Alpha banner), we can see that, as mentioned, Standard Bank has a Human Factor Score of 31.9%, but Absa has a Human Factor Score of 81.1% and Nedbank 90.2%.

Hence, we can say that according to the current Human Factor Score, we would rather hold Standard Bank shares rather than Absa or Nedbank.

We must add that at Global & Local Asset Management, we do realise that share investing cannot always be this simplified as there might be many other factors to consider when investing in listed shares.

Neither are we advocating that Standard Bank, Absa or in fact Nedbank are good shares for individual investors to buy now or even at a later stage as this article is not about providing advice to individual investors.

Using a probability-based approach to portfolio management  

Using a probability-based approach to stock selection, we identify and avoid the risks present when share investors interpret vague and ambiguous information inherent in share prices in a systematically incorrect way.

The Human Factor Score measures the probability of the listed company generating the growth implied in its current share price.

The approach taken by Global & Local Asset Management is not to manage portfolios like a portfolio manager but rather to adopt actuarial techniques to asset management.

If you would like to know more about how the Human Factor score tool works and how we “Avoid the Losers”, then please contact us at Global & Local Asset Management.


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I doubt it very much SBK will increase profit by 40% by end June

What about the third Covid-19 wave and 94% of South Africans struggling to pay their bills?

Std Bank is top heavy on A-Type execs and they just cannot be objective, especially in such twisted times.

They forgot about the Covid-19 third wave .

End of comments.



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