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The retirement revolution

Longevity and 4IR require us to abandon out-dated ideas of ageing and retiring.

There are many good reasons to semi-retire or retire overseas including to:

  • Escape cold winters … be a swallow
  • Sidestep a recession at home
  • Diversify and invest where the prospects for profit are strong
  • Live better, healthier, and with less stress
  • Grow your investments tax-free or tax-deferred
  • Ensure you are earning in hard currency
  • Pay no or little tax on income … and be less likely to outlive your nest egg.

These are the few of many reasons why the retirement revolution is an unstoppable force

4IR (4th Industrial Revolution)
We are deep into 4IR and the traditional model of retirement is becoming a dim memory.

Google is the norm and 4IR is a way of describing the blurring of boundaries between the physical, digital, and biological worlds. It’s a fusion of advances in artificial intelligence, robotics, the Internet of Things, 3D printing, genetic engineering, quantum computing, and other technologies.

4IR is changing how we live, work, and communicate. It’s reshaping government, education, healthcare, and business – almost every aspect of life. In the future, it can also change the things we value and the way we value them. The effects of Covid-19 have changed the 4IR timeline. What was going to take years to ‘arrive’ happened in months.

If you don’t change your paradigms, be flexible and embrace change, the old maxim ‘adapt or die’ will apply instead of ‘adapt and prosper’.

So, what has that to do with retirement?
‘I work, and I get my pension at 65 and I potter in my garden’ – if that is your picture, well and good. However, take a moment to consider that potentially you have another 30 plus years of life ahead. More people are continuing to work into their 70s, 80s and even beyond. Vitality statistics by Discovery project that Diamond members on their Medical Aid will live to 89.

Retirement is no longer the destination it used to be; living longer and 4IR requires us to abandon out-dated ideas of ageing and retiring.

Its unthinkable that you get to 65, provided you are well enough, and then live out potentially another three decades of life without a plan of how you are going to afford your lifestyle and remain content and healthy.

Living post 65 need no longer be a financial or health burden. Older workers are productive, being experienced, and add value to the work environment. It’s also necessary for them to increase their personal nest eggs.

Semi-retire or retire overseas
Whether you’re working by choice or necessity, you have choices as to what and where you will spend the next three decades. Consider that a career change; switching careers or re-entering the workforce at 65 is becoming increasingly common.

As the retirement revolution gathers momentum, the workplace has gone virtual, giving one many opportunities and choices – including for where you will live.

Revisit the many reasons for where you will relocate, semi-retire or retire to. Think about aspects such as quality of life, healthcare, tax benefits, sports, hobbies and culture … a destination where the children and grandchildren want to visit.

With extra money coming in to supplement your retirement, plus the moral-boosting benefits of continued work, you could find yourself enjoying the most rewarding part of your career and life.

Last year I meet a 95-year-old man, walking on the beach who had been an accountant and was still doing accounts for his friends and some of his old clients who are living thousands of kilometres away. He was just incredible.

This whole shift in attitude to working in retirement has a direct relationship to being content, healthy and satisfied with life. It’s all about having purpose.


Costas Souris

Quality Group SA

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