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Adam Bacher is a CFP® professional and a CFA® charter holder. He has 18 years’ experience in the financial services industry and served as head of the Alexander Forbes’ personal financial planning investment committee. His technical and strategic expertise is complemented by his keen understanding of relationships, values and people. Adam has also represented South Africa in international cricket, playing 19 test matches and 13 one day internationals. His experiences at the highest level of professional sport have left a lasting impression. Dealing with the ups and downs of professional sport made him “super curious to find out what it takes to succeed more than you fail.” As his clients will tell you, he seems to have found the answer.

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We offer values-based financial planning advice.

We believe that when we have insight into your life story and your values are understood, your decisions emanating from our advice will be crystal clear and easy to make.

We work for our clients as we would for our own families. We are all about building life-long meaningful relationships based on trust, integrity, and technical expertise.

We’re a boutique financial planning business. Having a select client base gives us time to truly know our clients; to be proactive and provide an exceptionally high level of client service.


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17 September 2020    103
Transfers to a living annuity are done on a tax-neutral basis, but there are a few things to be aware of. ...

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Yes, you might actually enjoy a ‘working’ retirement

17 November 2020    43
Many people who go back to work after retirement are motivated by the psychological and existential payoffs. ...

Don’t give up on your retirement fund just yet

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The tax benefits of a retirement fund could potentially compensate for any outperformance that might be enjoyed by increasing your offshore exposure in a non-retirement fund investment. ...

The offshore cash conundrum solution

6 October 2020    34
Offshore policy wrappers offer some real solutions to some of the potential issues with investing offshore. ...

How has Covid-19 affected your retirement plans?

3 September 2020    1    15
The pandemic has forced many to reassess their careers and how they view retirement. ...

Using ‘Maslow meets retirement’ when planning your life income

25 August 2020    2    62
It's important to figure out what you desire and how to pay for it. ...

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