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Address: Ballyoaks Office Park, 35 Ballyclare Drive, Lacey Oak Building, 2nd Floor, Bryanston


Alexander Babich qualified through the University of Natal in Natural Sciences in 1988. After completing his Officers’ course he entered the financial services industry in 1990 where he became a qualified consultant liaising mainly with banking and leading independent financial advisors.

After partnering with a leading firm of accountants, Alexander was head hunted to join a division of a leading firm of independent actuaries and consultants, Fulford Brothers. After a merger with Alexander Forbes and attaining an executive consultant role another leading firm of independent actuaries, Ginsberg Malan and Carsons, approached Alexander to help start up their financial advisory division. In 1999 due to another merger Alexander set up his own leading firm of independent financial advisors, actuaries and consultants.

Alexander Babich is also the deputy chairman of SAIFAA (South African Independent Financial Advisors Association) a body representing leading financial advisors and liaising with the regulator, media and investing public. Go to

Company Info

Looking for an independent and objective financial planner, retirement advisor or wealth manager? Alexander Babich & Associates (Pty) Ltd is 100% independent.

Established in 1999 our experienced advisors are client focussed providing personalised expert advice to both individuals and corporates.
We partner with you.

At Alexander Babich & Associates we offer personalised advice that is client focussed, backed by experienced professionals to advise you on:

– Wealth Development
– Wealth Preservation
– Wealth Distribution

Our Objectives

– To establish long term relationships with our clients helping them achieve financial independence by designing and reviewing comprehensive, personally tailored financial strategies and plans.

– To maximise the financial position and opportunities for our valued clients by providing a diverse, secure and tax efficient portfolio of investments and retirement structures.
– To provide unparalleled levels of personalised service ensuring confidentiality and by always acting in the client’s best interest.
– To provide comprehensive, cost effective and caring service to our clients.
– To analyse products and services objectively and independently for our clients.

Take advantage of our free, no obligation appointment and learn more about how we can work together to help you achieve your lifetime goals.

Go to or call 0861 77 77 11

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