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Contact Number: 011 447 6916
Address: Rosebank Terrace, Ground Floor, 23 Sturdee Avenue, Rosebank.


Alwyn has worked in the investment, insurance, property investment and financial planning industry, both in South Africa and in the US since 2005. He joined Rosebank Wealth Group in 2017. Previous employers include Attooh Financial Wellness and Risk Managers, amongst others. He has an Advanced Certificate in Financial Planning from PSG Academy. He believes that investing discipline, dispassionate behaviour and appropriate choices are fundamental to achieving investment goals.

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Rosebank Wealth Group is an owner managed, family wealth management firm that specialises in looking after High Net Worth individuals and families. We also assist young, aspiring professionals with their financial planning. We look after approximately 80 family units. We believe that a family’s financial position needs to be managed with the same amount of commitment and effort as is ordinarily applied to a well-run business and as such we assist our clients in organising their affairs in terms of regulation and compliance, risk management, liquidity management and  their income needs.

We aim to be independent in every sense of the word and as such put our clients’ interests first in everything we do. We have made use of alternative assets classes, including local and offshore hedge funds along with more traditional asset classes in the past and are confident that this knowledge and experience will stand our clients in good stead as more and more hedge funds embrace the regulated environment in South Africa.

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What can I invest R500k in to get R5k a month and still keep my investment as is?

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What are tax implications of an offshore ETF portfolio held in a wrapper?

11 March 2021    12    51
Policy owners are not responsible for the personal tax administration of the insurance policy. ...

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