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Contact information

Contact Number: 0114408006
Address: No. 7. 3rd Avenue Highlands North


Costas Souris joined the industry as a legal advisor (1984) and progressed into general management. Since 2007, as Quality Group SA’s legal and marketing director, Costas has focused on the invaluable benefits obtained through offshore wealth and estate planning, including property (hard currency passive income) and Golden Visa programmes (permanent residency and citizenship in first-world countries).

Costas’ qualifications include B Comm. (Law) Dip PR. IMM. Certified Financial Planning® with numerous offshore certifications and many years of experience, enabling him to add measurable value to a client’s affairs. Costas is a registered Financial Planner and CFP®. He is an established public speaker and guest on radio shows; he’s also knowledgeable on Golden VISA and Citizenship programmes, financial emigration, offshore estate planning and the multiple benefits of international hard currency property portfolios and passive income. Costas is an approved CPD facilitator and provider.

Company Info

Quality Developments Cyprus has offices around the world and dates back to 1991. 

Quality Group South Africa has been servicing South Africa and Africa since 2007. The group offers diverse, hard currency property opportunities for investment and passive income and/or personal use. Property includes residential (Apartments & Villas; rural, urban, city and on the beach), commercial (shops, offices, mixed-use developments); student accommodation; and joint ventures.

Quality Group offers clients “a one stop shop” including bank accounts and migration services. Investors can be divided into two broad categories: those seeking hard currency passive income to preserve wealth and living standards, where the local currency is self-destructing and those who require Plan B | permanent residency or citizenship options in today’s uncertain and disruptive world. Quality Group assists individuals and families to future proof tomorrow.

Quality Group cooperates with advisors and their clients and runs monthly workshops for advisors with verifiable CPD points awarded on successful completion.


No articles yet.

Costas's VIEWS  

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Why property should be part of your wealth strategy

3 April 2020    581
Property is a robust investment which can deliver returns in good times and bad. ...

The benefits of passive income

1 April 2020    163
The harsh reality is that there is no direct route to earning passive income. ...

Should you invest in golden visa or citizenship programs?

17 March 2020    9
Golden visas offer another way to diversify your assets. ...

What is the definition of a plan B for a South African?

10 February 2020    47
Individuals and families want to future-proof their tomorrow. ...

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