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Contact Number: 021-530 8500 / 083 445 3024
Address: 5 Long Place, Pinelands, Cape Town, 7405


Craig Torr read for his B.Comm degree at Nelson Mandela University. He is a Certified Financial Planning® professional and is passionate about helping clients create sustainable wealth. Craig is a founding director and shareholder of Crue Invest (Pty) Ltd which he started in 2004 together with his wife, Sue. They have grown the business organically into the niche financial planning practice that it is today.

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Crue Invest is a fiercely independent, niche financial planning practice based in Pinelands, Cape Town. Crue Invest is one of only 14 companies that hold the FPI Approved Professional Practice™ accreditation. This accolade recognises that the practice meets the highest ethical standards in pursuance of the financial planning profession. It also reinforces that Crue Invest’s standards in terms of knowledge, expertise and ethical conduct are amongst the best in the country. 100% of the company’s advisers hold the CFP® designation. Crue Invest is a fee-based practice that aims to form life-long parterships with clients to create and protect their wealth.


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