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Contact Number: 0795236891
Address: Office 1: 119 Sovereign Drive, Pretoria.
Office 2: 24 Techno Road, Unit 2, Technopark, Stellenbosch, 7600


Elke is currently the youngest person in South Africa to have obtained the CFP qualification (2016). She has been working as a wealth advisor for the past five years.

Company Info

PSG Route 21 focuses on employee benefits and wealth management. Elke is one of four directors in the company, and works alongside her parents, who work in the employee benefit space and her brother, fellow wealth adviser and director
Nelis Brink.

Having been raised in this industry, she feels very passionate about it. Its office in Pretoria, in the Route 21 Office Park, as well as in Cape Town, in the Tyger Waterfront, gives the opportunity for a spesialised national focus.


I’m able to save R100k a month. What should I invest in?

20 January 2022
A tax-free investment and a voluntary or flexible investment are worth considering. ...

Should I sell shares I’ve inherited and invest the funds in a worldwide index tracker fund?

18 January 2022    1
First, do an analysis on these equities as some of them may be good investments you may want to keep in place. ...

Should I invest R500k in a living annuity to supplement my monthly pension?

24 November 2021    1
And which Shariah-compliant fund is safest and has the highest growth? ...

Should I put R1m in an income fund?

9 November 2021    1
And what would the downside of withdrawing within a year be? ...
early access to retirement funds, retirement savings

How can I invest R2.5m in such a way that it’s all gone when I die?

23 September 2021    9
And how much can I draw down from this investment? ...

How much do I need to invest to receive a monthly income of R10k over 10 years?

21 September 2021    24
After 10 years, the initial amount should still be available. ...

Exploring whisky, music rights and cannabis as alternative investments

20 August 2021    2
Elke Brink, wealth advisor at PSG Wealth, discusses unconventional asset classes that could possibly form part of your portfolio if you’re already well-invested. ...

How would you spread R1m to ensure decent dollar-cost-averaging?

5 August 2021    1
And what would you do with the funds in the short term? ...

What could a South African do with R500k in a money market account?

27 July 2021    32
Until the interest rate situation changes in South Africa, I would strongly reconsider any cash exposure. ...

Offshore investing: The how, why, and what

16 July 2021
Elke Brink, wealth advisor at PSG Wealth, on why offshore investing is recommended, the sectors seeing great interest, and the avenues you can use to gain access to overseas markets. ...

Do reinvested dividends count as part of the R36k limit of a TFSA?

1 July 2021    5
They don't – provided that they are automatically reinvested by the product provider. ...

How should I manage a maturing retirement annuity?

22 June 2021
The key fundamental is to make sure you understand your goals, and to map them to an investment strategy within different product vehicles. ...

Is now a good time to buy a fixed annuity?

12 May 2021    15
In addition to the rates currently being offered, it’s advisable to consider whether a life or living annuity will be the best strategy for you. ...

I have more than R5m to invest. How can I double it?

20 April 2021    25
If you want to enjoy higher returns in any investment, you will need to have equity exposure. ...

Buitelandse beleggings bly ‘n groot trekpleister vir Suid-Afrikaanse beleggers

19 April 2021
Elke Brink - welvaartbeplanner, PSG Wealth (R21 Wealth Management Stellenbosch) ...

Want to start investing? Here’s what to consider

9 April 2021    5
Venturing into investments can be intimidating. Elke Brink of PSG Wealth discusses what to consider, outlines various investment vehicles, and shares some advice on how to build a share portfolio. ...

How much do I need to invest for a monthly income below the tax threshold?

25 March 2021    13
Two advisors tackle this reader's question. ...

Is it a good idea to invest in the SA property market?

24 February 2021    13
On a valuation basis property does show upside potential, but there is a large degree of uncertainty. ...

What’s the best way to invest R10k for my son’s university education?

23 December 2020    14
And which unit trust fund would be best should I want to invest one? ...

Where can I earn the most interest on my capital when saving for a house?

5 November 2020    3
The term of your investment will play a big role in which products are suitable for your circumstances. ...

Should I contribute more to my bonds or invest offshore?

3 November 2020    2
Comparing the return of your portfolio to the rate you are paying would be the first step to calculate what is best. ...

Can I split my retirement savings into two living annuities without incurring tax?

16 September 2020
It's not necessary – diversification can also be achieved within one vehicle. ...

Where can I open a tax-free investment where I benefit from compound interest?

13 August 2020
Investing with a wealth manager on an investment platform and following a unit trust approach is one option. ...

Is a tax-free fixed deposit the best way to use my tax-free allowance?

28 July 2020
Or should I invest in a unit trust or ETF portfolio? ...

Where can a blue-collar worker find a suitable financial planner?

7 July 2020
It seems companies tend to cater to higher-income families, individuals or entities. ...

How can I get a better return when investing R100k?

24 June 2020
Your investment term will determine your investment options and potential return. ...

What options are available for ethical investing?

26 May 2020
Shariah-compliant funds and ESG investment products are among the choices available to you. ...

How can I save to live independently?

10 April 2020
Use the opportunity of not paying rent at this time to be able to save for the shorter term. ...

What’s the best low-risk, income-generating investment for a retiree?

14 February 2020
Structuring a retirement income product is one of the most important investment decisions you'll make. ...

Rand slides, stocks dip

13 February 2020
Ahead of Ramaphosa speech. ...

What low-risk, high-return investment vehicle can boost savings?

7 January 2020
Higher returns require taking on more volatility and riding out market cycles. ...

Where is it best to invest R3m?

13 September 2019
Several things need to be considered; staying focused on your long-term objective – retirement – is important. ...

Most women play no role in financial planning

8 August 2019    3
'Everyone is just surviving day to day, not really thinking about the future and, therefore, not really saving or planning.' ...

Is it necessary to invest in property to build wealth?

11 July 2019
'The big money is not in the buying or the selling, but in the waiting' - Charlie Munger. ...

Elke's VIEWS  

Missing out on the best days in the market

14 January 2022
The importance of not timing the market and staying invested. ...

The power of preservation

14 October 2021    1
And what else to remember when leaving your employer. ...

SA proves to be resilient… in more than one way

17 June 2021    4
Contrary to what many of us would expect, the JSE has outperformed – significantly. ...

Offshore investing: consider the tax, estate and continuity planning from the start

28 April 2021
The reason we take funds offshore is generally to protect them – therefore offshore investments need to be done properly. ...

Never let a good crisis go to waste

9 February 2021    1
How offshore investing can and should be done. ...

21 financial tips to take into 2021…

8 January 2021
For you, your family, and your business. ...

Financial considerations for expats

15 December 2020
Are your SA portfolios taken care of? ...

Choosing a retirement annuity: what to look out for

9 December 2020    2
Currently, only 6% of South Africans can retire comfortably. ...

Defining value amid the changing world order

30 July 2020
Defining what value means to you will help you to better define if you have the right portfolio in place. ...

Why diversification is imperative in long-term investing

6 July 2020
Diversifying minimises risk – always! ...

Constructing your portfolio is like choosing wine

30 June 2020
Matching your investment options to your favourite blends. ...

Taking emotions out of investing

7 May 2020
Having a financial advisor can ensure that you aren’t missing any blind spots. ...

Covid-19 and the ripple effects

7 April 2020
If we could turn back time… ...

Breaking the personal finance glass ceiling

11 October 2019
Multiple studies have shown that when women do invest, they not only outperform the market, but in many cases also their male counterparts. ...

Are millennials changing the world or making the same mistakes?

13 June 2019
In failing to plan for their financial futures, they may be more like preceding generations than they'd like to admit. ...

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