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Contact information

Contact Number: 0795236891
Address: Office 1: 119 Sovereign Drive, Pretoria.
Office 2: Tyger Waterfront, Canal Edge, Cape town


Elke is currently the youngest person in South Africa to have obtained the CFP qualification (2016). She has been working as a wealth advisor for the past five years.

Company Info

PSG Route 21 focuses on employee benefits and wealth management. Elke is one of four directors in the company, and works alongside her parents, who work in the employee benefit space and her brother, fellow wealth adviser and director
Nelis Brink.

Having been raised in this industry, she feels very passionate about it. Its office in Pretoria, in the Route 21 Office Park, as well as in Cape Town, in the Tyger Waterfront, gives the opportunity for a spesialised national focus.


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'The big money is not in the buying or the selling, but in the waiting' - Charlie Munger. ...

Elke's VIEWS  

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