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Contact Number: 021-5308500 / 082 824 8425
Address: 5 Long Place, Pinelands, Cape Town, 7405


Eric holds BA LLB LLM degrees specialisting in Tax, and is an admitted attorney. He is a Certified Financial Planning® professional and holds an Advanced Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning. Eric is a director and shareholder at Crue Invest and has a keen interest in retirement planning, estate structuring and tax.

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Crue Invest is a fiercely independent, niche financial planning practice based in Pinelands, Cape Town. Crue Invest is one of only 14 companies that hold the FPI Approved Professional Practice™ accreditation. This accolade recognises that the practice meets the highest ethical standards in pursuance of the financial planning profession. It also reinforces that Crue Invest’s standards in terms of knowledge, expertise and ethical conduct are amongst the best in the country. 100% of the company’s advisers hold the CFP® designation. Crue Invest is a fee-based practice that aims to form life-long parterships with clients to create and protect their wealth.


How best do I invest for my grandchildren?

1 August 2019    20
Investing into one or two individual shares exposes you to significant risk. ...

How do I best invest my R6m lump sum from the RAF?

29 June 2019    129
Consider the emotional benefits of owning your own home without the anxiety of paying off a bond. ...

‘Independence is one of the most important aspects of any advisory firm’

24 May 2019    9
Why Crue Invest prides itself on being fiercely independent. ...

Eric's VIEWS  

Financial risks faced by cohabiting couples

19 August 2019    1
How to protect yourself in the event of the death of a partner or the dissolution of the relationship. ...

Questions to ask your financial advisor

14 August 2019    60
Your advisor should be able to show they'll will work independently for you, and won't be affected by industry/association affiliations. ...

Questions to ask the person you plan on marrying

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Disparate attitudes towards money, spending, bank accounts and property ownership can lead to unnecessary tension. ...

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Making your future retrenchment-ready

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Steps to take to ensure that you're retrenchment-ready – and what to do in the event it actually happens. ...

Multi-generational financial planning

17 July 2019    3
Part of the planning process is to ensure the next generation is equipped to receive the wealth, appreciate its value and make smart investment choices. ...

Planning for incapacity: dementia in focus

12 July 2019    53
Most open medical schemes don't recognise the illness as a chronic condition and very little cover is provided. ...

Smart savings

10 July 2019    40
How to access six different savings vehicles and who should take advantage of them. ...

Financial planning for the terminally ill

11 June 2019    36
After diagnosis, you may want to reassess your medical aid plan option, review any potential insurance claims you might have, and consider caring options for the future. ...

Why the gig economy may appeal to retirees

5 June 2019    49
The continual rise of digital platforms is generating more creative ways for retirees to generate income and contribute meaningfully to the economy. ...

Financial planning for children with special needs

27 May 2019    48
A special needs child's diagnosis, severity, prognosis and life expectancy all impact a parent's financial-planning process. ...

Navigating financial decisions at retirement

25 April 2019    53
A look at the proportions of savings to be taken as cash and the type of annuity to be purchased. ...

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