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Contact information

Contact Number: 021-5308500 / 082 824 8425
Address: 5 Long Place, Pinelands, Cape Town, 7405


Eric holds BA LLB LLM degrees specialisting in Tax, and is an admitted attorney. He is a Certified Financial Planning® professional and holds an Advanced Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning. Eric is a director and shareholder at Crue Invest and has a keen interest in retirement planning, estate structuring and tax.

Company Info

Crue Invest is a fiercely independent, niche financial planning practice based in Pinelands, Cape Town. Crue Invest is one of only 14 companies that hold the FPI Approved Professional Practice™ accreditation. This accolade recognises that the practice meets the highest ethical standards in pursuance of the financial planning profession. It also reinforces that Crue Invest’s standards in terms of knowledge, expertise and ethical conduct are amongst the best in the country. 100% of the company’s advisers hold the CFP® designation. Crue Invest is a fee-based practice that aims to form life-long parterships with clients to create and protect their wealth.


Will I be taxed for contributions to a new business?

6 September 2019    43
Tax implications will depend on the nature of the business and how you structure the investment. ...

How best do I invest for my grandchildren?

1 August 2019    21
Investing into one or two individual shares exposes you to significant risk. ...

How do I best invest my R6m lump sum from the RAF?

29 June 2019    138
Consider the emotional benefits of owning your own home without the anxiety of paying off a bond. ...

‘Independence is one of the most important aspects of any advisory firm’

24 May 2019    10
Why Crue Invest prides itself on being fiercely independent. ...

Eric's VIEWS  

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20 January 2020    17
You may face financial challenges if you don't understand the impact of your marital property regime. ...

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New Year’s Revolution: Practical tips to revolutionise your money management in 2020

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Multi-sensory selling: How retailers entice you to spend your hard-earned money

19 December 2019    36
Retailers manipulate your senses to get you to spend more time in-store and to spend more money. ...

Maximise your legacy: Effective estate planning tools

10 December 2019    29
You can use estate planning tools to make financial provision for your loved ones, ensure smooth business succession and account for offshore assets. ...

Freedom of testation: Understanding key concepts and principles

2 December 2019    14
Estate planning is a complex area of expertise and it helps to understand key concepts and principles before developing one’s legacy. ...

Financial terminology: Know the difference between these key concepts

26 November 2019    29
Do you know what is the difference between an heir and a legatee? ...

Financial infidelity: Trust is not the only casualty

21 November 2019    14
Financial infidelity can cause arguments, unhappiness in the home, built-up resentment and anger, financial instability, and even divorce. ...

Working your life away: What happens if you can’t afford to retire

14 November 2019    122
10 considerations to help you get on track. ...

There is no blueprint for modern day retirement

6 November 2019    48
With rapidly increasing longevity and the advent of new investment vehicles, it is unlikely that you will be able to use your parents’ retirement plan. ...

Mounting credit card debt: A financial horror story

30 October 2019    128
The abuse of credit cards is often a precursor for future financial difficulties. ...

Financial advice for single mothers

25 October 2019    50
Besides the gender pay gap and running a single-income household, single mothers face unique challenges. ...

Working towards financial freedom

21 October 2019    39
A mindset is needed of working towards a point where we can do whatever we like for the rest of our lives. ...

Money mistakes to avoid in your 30s

16 October 2019    275
The financial decisions you make in your thirties can set the general course of your financial journey – it’s essential to get them right. ...

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