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Francois is an Independent Advisor who aims to provide high-quality, holistic advice to each of his clients. With more than 8-years’ experience, BCom Hons (Univ of Pretoria), and a Post Graduate Degree in Financial Planning (Univ of Free State) he always strives to upskill himself and ensure the best advice is given to his clients. Through careful planning and an understanding of investment structures, he will be able to give advice on a wide array of Investment solutions.

Francois looks to ensure that investments are structured in tax-effective ways not only for the client but also for future generations as well as seeking investment opportunities to provide long-term growth for his clients.

Francois and his team will be able to assist you with employee benefits, buy-and-sell agreements, Keyperson and Contingent liability insurance, and Personal risk and Medical aid solutions.

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As clients navigating your financial journey could be one of the toughest things you do! At attooh!, we are committed to helping all our clients learn and develop healthy financial habits that will enable them to ultimately achieve Financial Independence. Every client is unique, and so should their journey. We will create a personalised, tailor-made financial solution for you. Our advice is based on your needs and wants, and we will truly commit to your overall financial and holistic success. Financial freedom could be a reality.

We are a team of passionate financial advisors with a heart for people. Aiming to provide world-class advice, with innovative solutions (risk, health, and wealth) to every client. We offer cradle-to-grave solutions, covering all aspects of a client’s financial wellness continuum. And we do this on a personal relationship journey recognizing each individual client’s requirements. Currently, we are one of, the largest financial advisory firms in South Africa, serving in excess of 100,000 clients comprised of individuals and more than 325 corporate employer groups.

Our value-based approach means that we are unashamedly ethical. We acknowledge and accept our corporate social responsibility. We have developed the tagline of love, serve and remember, which underscores our passion for giving back. attooh! believes in and supports innovation, optimism, and entrepreneurship. Our engines are fueled by our clients that are raving fans.

This label results from an empowered and exceptionally skilled set of attooh! employees and the service quality we offer. Experts with heart! We treat our employees and our customers fairly as they deserve it! We believe in fun, bringing life back to finance. Finance should be a series of goals set, met, and celebrated.

The powerful concept behind our core purpose’s design revolves around the conversion from a “poverty mindset” to an “abundance mentality”. This mindset change is the instigator of becoming a millionaire. Once millionaire status has been achieved, we can help clients on their journey to financial independence.

We make ordinary people millionaires and make millionaires financially independent.

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Let’s talk about… debt at retirement

17 May 2022
Why you probably shouldn't be including your monthly debt repayments into your budget when retiring. ...

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