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Contact information

Contact Number: 021-5308500 / 082 735 5375
Address: Crue House, 5 Long Place, Pinelands, 7405


Gareth holds a B.Comm degree from the University of South Africa and is a Certified Financial Planning® professional. He is a director and shareholder at Crue Invest (Pty) Ltd, and is driven to provide the highest level of advice and service to his clients. His expertise lies in investment planning, risk protection, business succession planning and employee benefits solutions.

Company Info

Crue Invest is a fiercely independent, niche financial planning practice based in Pinelands, Cape Town. Crue Invest is one of only 14 companies that hold the FPI Approved Professional Practice™ accreditation. This accolade recognises that the practice meets the highest ethical standards in pursuance of the financial planning profession. It also reinforces that Crue Invest’s standards in terms of knowledge, expertise and ethical conduct are amongst the best in the country. 100% of the company’s advisers hold the CFP® designation. Crue Invest is a fee-based practice that aims to form life-long parterships with clients to create and protect their wealth.


Do we have recourse against Ecsponent-punting brokers?

2 October 2020    1    59
There are several possible steps: lodge a complaint with the brokers. If the outcome's unsatisfactory, approach the ombud. If the loss exceeds R800 000, consider instituting a civil claim. ...

If a minor inherits immovable property, can it be managed by their guardian?

9 September 2020    46
And how many immovable properties can be bequeathed without needing to pay transfer duty? ...

Is the value of a living annuity included in the calculation of executors’ fees?

30 July 2020    43
The only instance where such fees may be charged is where no beneficiary is nominated to the living annuity. ...

For tax purposes, can I set up a shelf company to buy property?

21 July 2020    133
Should the shelf company generate an income from the investment property, it will be deemed an active trading company. ...

Can I use the annual CGT exemption to lower tax at the end of my investment term?

8 July 2020    63
Using your annual capital gain exclusion should be done within the context of your investment horizon and your personal income tax liability. ...

How can I repay my home loan more quickly?

4 June 2020    365
Settling your other debt could free additional cash flow, which can then go towards your home loan. ...

Why are loan requirements for commercial property so onerous?

14 May 2020    29
And where can I find other solutions to gear my commercial property? ...

Should I continue with my home purchase after lockdown?

22 April 2020    94
In the current environment you may find that it comes within the price range of more buyers, but there are a number of factors to consider. ...

Does the asset allocation in my investment portfolio make sense?

4 March 2020    48
Understanding your investment objectives is the first step. ...

What’s keeping clients up? Debt, debt and more debt

26 July 2019    2    41
Crue Invest director Gareth Collier on cutting debt, savings tips, succession planning and why schools must teach financial literacy. ...

Should I invest a lump sum or contribute monthly?

22 July 2019    73
The amount of time you spend in the market and the frequency with which you invest are two important factors to consider. ...

Gareth's VIEWS  

Top 15 things you can do today that your future self will thank you for

22 October 2020    17
Avoid having those ‘should’ve, could’ve, would’ve’ moments later on life. ...

Dread disease cover: How does it work, and do you need it?

6 October 2020    23
If there's a family history of a specific illness you're concerned about, check the fine print. ...

20 simple steps that will fortify your financial position

17 September 2020    2    45
What to do when your finances are in a somewhat tenuous position. ...

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A breakdown of the expenses that need to be taken into account when preparing for your child’s arrival. ...

Financial planning in your 60s: Beware of making these mistakes

3 September 2020    60
This decade leaves little room for error. ...

Retrenchment: What are my retirement fund options?

20 August 2020    115
Factors to consider when making your decision. ...

Money questions that marrying couples should tackle

4 August 2020    1    132
Before getting married, talk to each other openly about money and how it will form part of your relationship going forward. ...

Major money mistakes couples make

21 July 2020    2    192
Money is the number one reason that couples fight. ...

Retrenchment: The dos and don’ts

6 July 2020    142
Steps you can actively take to protect your financial position and chart a way forward. ...

Understanding the costs involved in buying a property

2 July 2020    295
There are a number of layers of costs involved, with most of them being for the buyer’s account. ...

Risk cover: Consider these tools to protect yourself

11 June 2020    45
These products all come at a price, and it’s often difficult to prioritise what cover you need and how much. ...

A living will: Your questions answered

4 June 2020    26
A living will can serve to speak for you when your voice is silenced.  ...

Difficult money conversations

27 May 2020    22
Discussions you should be having with your parents, children and friends. ...

Life-limiting illness: Important financial and legal considerations

21 May 2020    30
Living with the reality of a terminal illness creates a more urgent focus on several important affairs. ...

Understanding your retirement home options

12 May 2020    67
Including the pros and cons you need to consider. ...

Your risk cover and Covid-19

30 April 2020    25
A look at insurance in the context of the coronavirus. ...

Charitable giving as part of your financial plan

23 April 2020    8
A structured approach to supporting charities will strengthen your financial position. ...

Legacy documents to help your family in the event of tragedy

7 April 2020    35
From an Advance Healthcare Directive to a digital will, these documents will prove useful to your loved ones. ...

21 things to do this lockdown

30 March 2020    171
Now is a great time to tighten up your finances and organise your financial life. ...

Bulletproof budgeting: Creating a budget that can take the hits

23 March 2020    39
Having a solid budget is the first step towards creating sustainable, long-term wealth. ...

Making money work in (and for) your relationship

9 March 2020    43
Managing your financial affairs as a unified team can help to fortify your finances. ...

Your first job? Now’s the time to fortify your finances

25 February 2020    23
21 things you can do to get a better handle of your money. ...

Investment basics: Answers to common questions

20 February 2020    42
Seven burning investment questions answered. ...

Why you shouldn’t spend money this Valentine’s Day

13 February 2020    28
This celebration is really just an attempt to make you part with your hard-earned money. ...

Checklist: Things to do before the end of the tax year

27 January 2020    202
Ensure you've taken all steps possible to reduce your overall tax liability. ...

Retirement annuities: Answers to frequently asked questions

23 January 2020    165
You can stop contributing to a unit trust RA at any time, without any fees or penalties. ...

Upsizing your home: Beware the associated costs

10 January 2020    44
If you're selling your primary residence and the profit from the sale is above R2 million, 40% of the net capital gain is added to your annual taxable income. ...

How to become a saving specialist

12 December 2019    105
Making saving a habit and not a chore. ...

When to review your life cover

19 November 2019    23
Over and above an annual review, life cover should be reassessed at every significant life stage and in the event of certain changes. ...

Fact or fallacy: Making sense of some money myths

11 November 2019    23
Money myths, if believed, can set us on the wrong path and ultimately cost us money. ...

How to identify a Ponzi scheme

30 October 2019    174
Eight red flags to look out for. ...

Understanding pyramid schemes and multi-level marketing

16 October 2019    231
How they work, how to spot one and questions to ask before signing up. ...

Dread disease cover is a truly living benefit

7 October 2019    48
What it covers, how much it costs and how it works. ...

How you can save tax on school fees

6 September 2019    1395
There's an often-overlooked tax relief option in the Income Tax Act. ...

Daily, monthly and yearly financial habits

29 August 2019    28
We are what we repeatedly do, and our financial position today is likely to be a reflection of our cumulative spending habits and money decisions. ...

The fundamentals of investing

15 August 2019    46
A portfolio should balances investment risk with investment returns, to achieve a more favourable result over your investment horizon. ...

How your group life cover and personal insurance work together

5 August 2019    60
It's important to determine whether your group life cover is approved or unapproved as tax may affect the quantum of the final payout. ...

How to make the most of the latest interest rate cut

21 July 2019    255
Keep home loan and vehicle repayments unchanged. ...

Destroy your debt in 10 (not-so-easy) steps

17 July 2019    146
It's important to understand the difference between ‘good’ and ‘bad debt’. ...

The benefits of a multi-manager

8 July 2019    11
A multi-manager strategically allocates a client’s capital to carefully-selected funds in line with the agreed investment mandate. ...

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