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Contact information

Contact Number: 0723210524 / 0312669959
Address: Suite 7, Heritage Park, 51 Norlfolk Terrace, Westville, 3630


I form part of a team of 3 advisors that manages and services clients based in KZN and around the country.

Our team approach allows for an efficient relaxed and professional approach to working with clients that encompasses the individual strengths of each advisor.

The head of our team, Peter Morgans is a qualified Chartered Financial Planner with over 25 years of experience in the industry. I have completed an Advanced Certificate in Financial Planning NQF 6 as well as a Bachelor’s Degree Majoring in Psychology. I strive to qualify as a Chartered Financial Planner within the next two years. 

As independent financial advisors we feel we are able to give the best service to our client by using the best institutions and funds with solid long term track records. As such we are able to tailor our clients’ portfolios to best suit their needs and objectives with an emphasis on independently rated fund.

Our team is experienced in all facets of investing and estate planning. I have a particular interest in behavioural finance and how best to coach clients throughout market cycles.

Company Info

Asset Protection International is a specialist independent financial services company offering a range of investment management and financial planning services to international and Southern African investors. Offshore specialisation has always been and remains a core competency. Asset Protection International emphasises not only wealth creation, but equally, protection of the accumulated assets of our clients. This emphasis on protection through the use of trusts often plays an important role in the financial planning of investors, enabling them to participate with confidence in investment opportunities within a secure legal framework.

API Facts

– API was founded in the year 2000.
– We have several offices around the country and in Lusaka with our head office in Westville.
– We have over R3 Billion in assets under management.
– We work with over 80 institutions around the world.
– Our services include wealth management, specialising in investments both local and offshore as well as Employee benefit schemes and other services.
– Being an independent FSP, our interest is that of our client. We tailor our services to give you the best possible outcome.
– We are audited by PricewaterhouseCoopers.
– We carry Professional indemnity insurance.
– Each year we continue to grow in strength with over 25 advisors.


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