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Jesse Morgans is a financial advisor, managing and providing financial services to a portfolio of clients around the country. His qualifications include a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, as well as an Advanced Certificate in Financial Planning NQF 6. He is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Business Administration through Heriot-Watt University.

Jesse has a keen interest in ‘behavioural finance’, and regularly expands his knowledge on how best to coach his clients throughout the market cycles. He takes pride in being attentive to the need of his clients and holds himself to a high standard of professionalism.

Jesse forms part of a team of three individuals. Their approach allows for flexible yet professional interactions with their clients. The team is headed by Peter Morgans, a qualified Chartered Financial Planner with over 25 years of experience in the industry.

He hopes to play a meaningful leadership role in API over the years to come.

Company info

Asset Protection International is a specialist independent financial services company offering a range of investment management and financial planning services to international and Southern African investors. Offshore specialisation has always been and remains a core competency. Asset Protection International emphasises not only wealth creation, but equally, protection of the accumulated assets of our clients. This emphasis on protection through the use of trusts often plays an important role in the financial planning of investors, enabling them to participate with confidence in investment opportunities within a secure legal framework.

API Facts

– API was founded in the year 2000.
– We have several offices around the country and in Lusaka with our head office in Westville.
– We have over R3 Billion in assets under management.
– We work with over 80 institutions around the world.
– Our services include wealth management, specialising in investments both local and offshore as well as Employee benefit schemes and other services.
– Being an independent FSP, our interest is that of our client. We tailor our services to give you the best possible outcome.
– We are audited by PricewaterhouseCoopers.
– We carry Professional indemnity insurance.
– Each year we continue to grow in strength with over 25 advisors.

Jesse on Moneyweb

How do I calculate what to invest in an annuity at 35, to get around R25m at 65?

25 Jan 2022
There is a user-friendly online tool, and it’s advisable to generate several scenarios based on different assumptions. ...
BGR 58, GN 18, retirement annuities, Sars, provident funds, pension funds

Which platform offers a living annuity that can be optimised for offshore exposure?

19 Jan 2022
Unfortunately, many of the larger investment platforms have reached their offshore asset capacity on their life licences. ...

Where can I invest R500k for five years?

12 Aug 2021    12
You may want to consider investing the money offshore as a diversification and risk mitigation measure. ...
property, rental income, investing in property

I have R225k. What’s the best way to utilise and maximise my capital?

4 May 2021    8
I'm 21 and thinking of buying an investment property in the next three to five years. ...
FINANCIAL PLANNING, mortgage, bond, retirement, personal finance

I want to withdraw R55k from my global account. What’s the best way to use it?

13 Apr 2021    8
Reader's options include: investing in a TFSA or EasyEquities account, investing directly offshore, or paying a lump sum into their car loan. ...

When a company is delisted and liquidated, does this trigger a tax event?

10 Feb 2021    4
And could I claim losses against my capital gains in the respective tax year? ...

I’m R205k in debt. How do I become debt-free?

22 Dec 2020    17
You may need to consider applying for debt counselling. ...

Is it advisable to draw the max from my LA and reinvest the monies offshore?

24 Nov 2020    11
There is no benefit to what you are proposing, and the risk of incurring a higher tax liability. ...

Should I use most of my provident fund as capital in a new business?

25 Sep 2020
Quantify the business risks: this represents the majority of your pension, and you don't have time on your side to build it up again. ...

Will a dollar/pound investment safeguard the value of my money?

11 Aug 2020
Foreign cash in the bank is likely to face the headwinds of inflation, low-interest rates and potential costs. ...

Is it wise to invest R1m of my pension in fixed assets for five years?

29 Jul 2020
Investing in fixed income instruments over a long period could lead to higher longevity risk for retired investors. ...

Does the low Brent crude price make oil stocks a buy?

13 May 2020
And how do you go about obtaining oil shares? ...
retirement, retirement annuity

Is putting my pension in a money maximiser account best?

2 Apr 2020
Holding your pension fund in cash for an indefinite period could lead to longevity risk in your investment capital. ...

Should I keep my life savings in my bond?

4 Feb 2020
The question of paying off debt or contributing to retirement savings is something many South Africans wonder about. ...

Can I get tax benefits from contributing to my kids’ RAs?

19 Sep 2019    8
Considerations when contributing toward retirement annuities and other long-term investments for your children. ...

How can I reduce the costs of my living annuities?

27 Mar 2019
I have three living annuities and their performance has been dismal due to the state of the economy. ...

How do I start a share portfolio?

6 Feb 2019
What is a good balanced portfolio to start with for someone in their 20s? ...

How can I invest for good returns, but with low risk?

30 May 2018
Are unit trusts or fixed deposit accounts the better option? ...
early access to retirement funds, retirement savings

Can I retire from just one RA?

22 Jan 2018    13
Reporting on this RA is poor and I would like to retire early and turn it into a living annuity, or preserve it. ...

Estate planning: Should I transfer my farm to company or trust?

26 Sep 2017
I'd like to transfer my farm into a vehicle to preserve it for my children. I'm told trusts are tax unfriendly. ...

Do I invest in a guaranteed investment plan or annuity?

29 Jun 2017
Please advise on an investment vehicle for a R1.5m lump sum. I’ll need to supplement my monthly pension from NJMPF. ...

Investing for escalating education expenses

4 May 2017    7
What is the best investment strategy to save for our children’s future education expenses (nursery to high school) from birth and, if you’re starting to invest late, for those already in school? ...

Jesse's views

Improving pension fund outcomes: a case for hedge funds (Part 2)

10 Nov 2020    1
Research findings show that a portfolio of select hedge funds in a Regulation 28 portfolio can contribute to a better outcome for pension fund portfolios. ...

Improving pension fund outcomes: a case for hedge funds

2 Nov 2020
A portfolio of select hedge funds in a Regulation 28 portfolio can contribute to a better outcome for pension fund portfolios. ...

The US election is at it again

22 Oct 2020    1
Be mindful of the risk of increased volatility in the fourth quarter of 2020. ...

South Africa’s default trajectory is sadly that of a sinking ship

22 Oct 2020    5
The country has had declining real GDP (growth) since 2011. ...

What if you had sold in fear?

28 Jul 2020
A realistic scenario illustrating selling into a falling market. ...

How is the coronavirus affecting my investments?

11 Mar 2020
And should you be worried? ...

Are higher long-term returns worth the volatility?

27 Jan 2020
The financial rewards for being comfortable as an investor are the same as the physical rewards for sitting on the couch. ...

Was cash king in 2019?

21 Jan 2020
Staying the course is vital. ...

Are income funds risk free?

28 Oct 2019
There are several risks a management team must consider when constructing a portfolio of income-yielding instruments. ...

‘My husband managed our finances’

9 Apr 2018
Very few women feel 'very prepared' to make wise financial decisions - Prudential study. ...

Is a QROPS still a viable choice for your UK pension?

27 Nov 2017
The benefits to using a regulated/registered pension structure. ...

Don’t be emotional about the markets

26 Jun 2017
The need to maximise pleasure and minimise pain is the main cause of investors not achieving the returns available from markets. ...

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