Mark Swanepoel, Axiomatic Consultants

FSP no: 8799


Mark Swanepoel entered the employee benefits consulting industry at Axiomatic Consultants in 2013. He specialises in providing client- and group-focused employee benefit solutions, with the underlying objective of mitigating the administration burden and reducing the complexity associated with the provision of such arrangements for both multi-national and South African employers.

A particularly keen focus in this environment is the development and implementation of member communication strategies, in relation to the full spectrum of clients’ employee benefit arrangements, the ultimate aim being to continually engage with, educate and personally empower employees within an organisation.

Contact details:

Contact Number: 011 305 1940 / 011 305 1963
Address: 82 Grayston Drive, 4th Floor, Sandton, 2196

Company Info

Axiomatic Consultants started out as a remuneration and benefits consultancy and over the years has expanded their offerings to a full spectrum of services that can support the lifecycle of an employee from the employer’s perspective. Axiomatic Consultants is an independent company that specialises in furnishing a diverse range of services relating to employee benefits, strategic remuneration consulting, strategy consulting and African payroll with a very clear focus on ensuring that the advice is integrated and cohesive within the overall business of the client. Special expertise has been developed relating to international factors affecting companies that operate on a global scale.

The strategic objective of the company is to provide a world class, value added service where every effort is made to customise solutions to address specific needs whilst simultaneously ensuring that such solutions are compatible with and complement the client’s goals, strategy and business objectives. Every effort is made to ensure that the offering is progressive, innovative and is designed to furnish the client with a competitive advantage in their respective industry.

Axiomatic Consultants continues to build its business through the development of relationships with their clients in the Middle East and southern Africa.



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