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Contact Number: 0861113187 / 012 349 2324
Address: Ascor House, Block B, Apex Corporate Park, Persequor Techno Park, Quintin Brand Rd, Pretoria, Gauteng, 0020, South Africa


Martin is a Registered Auditor (Chartered Accountant (SA)) and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® Professional. He has been practicing as an auditor since 1998.

Helping clients visualise and frame their dreams and establishing how to go about realising these dreams with the resources at their disposal is a challenge Martin relishes.

Martin completed a Hons. B.Compt. degree at the University of South Africa (UNISA), a Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning and an Advanced Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning in Investments (Asset Types and Instruments and Portfolio Construction and Management) at the University of Free State.

He completed three years of articles in May 1990 at Deloitte, and qualified as a Chartered Accountant (SA) in the same year. After completing articles at Deloitte, Martin remained with Deloitte until December 1995, during which time he became an Audit Manager in the Entrepreneurial Services Division. In January 1996, he joined United Pharmaceutical Distributors (Pty) Ltd, a subsidiary of the Premier Group of Companies, as Group Management Accountant. His responsibility also included the internal audit function of the group and he reported to the Premier Group Internal Audit Committee.

Martin started an audit practice, Pro Deo Auditors, in April 1998. In March 2005, the Ascor™ Group was formed when Pro Deo Auditors merged practices with Mr Wouter Fourie of Ascor™ Financial Advisers CC. The purpose of the merger was to establish a “one stop professional services company” which could supply comprehensive financial services.

Today Ascor™ is a fee based Independent Professional Wealth Management Practice based in Pretoria with a staff complement of 25 people.

Martin has been invited as guest speaker on the eNCA television channel, RSG Geldsake, Pretoria FM and Groot FM and has also been a guest lecturer at the University of Pretoria’s post graduate tax department. He has written articles on personal financial planning topics for magazines and presents seminars on general personal financial and investment planning.

Martin has a passion to see the financial planning and advice sector becoming an acknowledged profession.

Company Info

At Ascor® we help clients build, manage, protect, and transition wealth. Ascor® is a fee based business and one of the first multidisciplinary practices in South Africa, offering comprehensive Wealth Management Services (“one stop professional services”) by incorporating Financial Planning, Investments, Auditing, Accounting, Consulting, Tax, Estate Planning and Estate Administration under one roof.

Ascor® offers a range of dynamic financial solutions for individuals and businesses. With some of the best qualified Financial Planners we provide superior advice and service. Our commitment is to give you, the client, first class service. For more information visit our website : or call us at 086 1113 187


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