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Mauro has well rounded experience in the investment industry having begun his career in 1994 as Administrative Departmental Head at a SA unit trust management company. Mauro then moved to investment banks and asset managers and finally built his own client investment consulting business. In 2009 he merged his business with Global & Local. Mauro has developed a well-rounded understanding of all areas of the investment industry.

Mauro holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning and an International Capital Markets Qualifications through the London Securities Institute and is a CFP. Mauro has featured on Kaya FM, Classic FM and Mix FM to provide investment insight as well as answer listener questions. Mauro is married, with 1 son and enjoys cycling.

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Global & Local Investment Advisors has been a respected and growing investment advisory firm since 1999.

With over R5 Billion in client assets to manage, in 2017 Global & Local Investment Advisors embarked on a strategy to search for an alternative way of managing assets within the Unit Trust arena.

The challenge was to find something new and exciting, Global & Local has for a long time been proud of our non-traditional approach to advising clients on their assets.

A chance to meet with New York based asset managers New Age Alpha provided the right catalyst for Global & Local Asset Management to be formed and together with New Age Alpha and Salient Quantative Asset Management, we manage capital using leading edge investment management techniques.

Global & Local Asset Management has featured on Kaya FM, Classic FM and Mix FM where their team of experts has provided investment insight as well as answer listener questions.

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retirement, retirement annuity

Am I forced to bring funds from my offshore RA back to SA?

7 Sep 2021    13
I wish to keep the RA offshore and then purchase an offshore-based annuity. ...

Should I leave my money in an overseas pension fund or transfer it to SA?

30 Jun 2021    5
If I leave it overseas, how will I be taxed on it? ...
BGR 58, GN 18, retirement annuities, Sars

Why do I have to wait until 55 to withdraw from my RA?

27 May 2021    2
It's the youngest age at which a retirement fund member can legally retire according to the Pension Funds Act. ...
retirement, retirement annuity

Will I have to pay penalties for transferring my RA?

22 Apr 2021    7
Can the company enforce its terms and conditions without a signed contract? ...

At 77, is it better to invest R5m with African Bank or in a share portfolio?

17 Feb 2021    16
When deciding, you need to consider the risk to the capital over time, accessibility to capital during the investment term and the tax implications of the investment. ...

If you breach Regulation 28 limits, how long do you have to rectify it?

14 Jan 2021
And if you don't rectify the breach, what are the implications? ...

I’m unhappy with the performance of my RAs. What recourse do I have?

1 Dec 2020    22
You can transfer your retirement annuity to a Lisp-based retirement annuity with the same provider. ...

Should I invest my emergency fund in a tax-free investment while I look for work?

2 Sep 2020
Whichever product you choose, you should be able to access it when necessary and it shouldn't be exposed to the volatility of the listed share markets. ...

Should I file a complaint against my wealth manager with the FSCA?

23 Jul 2020
Steps to take before approaching the regulator. ...

I’m 75 with no pension. How can I invest R750k to generate income?

23 Jun 2020
Investment plans have to be carefully customised to each investor’s specific requirements. ...

Can you buy shares in a listed company that wants to delist?

28 May 2020
And what happens to those shares if the company does delist? ...

Should I take a bond on paid-up rental property to invest offshore?

8 Apr 2020
It wouldn't be wise to put yourself in debt to fund an offshore investment. ...
BGR 58, GN 18, retirement annuities, Sars

Can I use an RA to reduce my tax liability in retirement?

7 Feb 2020
Few people realise that there is no age limit to continue to place capital into a retirement annuity. ...

Mauro's views

Mid-May market report

13 May 2022
The ongoing war in Ukraine, China’s Covid lockdowns, and increased monetary tightening by global central banks remain the biggest drags on sentiment. ...

Growth, growing and grown ups: Mature investment in a rising rate world

5 May 2022
It’s important to focus less on scary macro-market movements and more on a company’s probability of delivering growth. ...

Mid-April market report

12 Apr 2022
Despite a stronger dollar, the rand has still managed to gain 0.4% against the greenback month-to-date. ...

Musk buys 9.2% of Twitter, but will he realise the growth implied in the share price?

7 Apr 2022    1
Twitter, therefore, has a 36.5% probability of delivering the growth implied in its share price. ...

How playing darts is like investing in shares

1 Apr 2022    1
Darts is a game of precision that seems easy at first but becomes very, very hard by the end, just like active stock management. ...

Ark Innovation ETF: The destruction of shareholder value

24 Mar 2022
The ETF has sold off substantially more than the general market, losing a whopping 60% since topping out last year, of which, 32% has occurred year-to-date. ...

Where to find value in this new reality

17 Mar 2022
Exposure to defence stocks, cybersecurity, and aerospace sectors will undoubtedly create value for the overall portfolio in the new reality. ...

Mid-March market report

10 Mar 2022
The rand has shown resilience despite the general selloff in risky assets. ...

Mondi Plc has the best ‘Avoid the Human Factor’ score in SA

4 Mar 2022
The company has a 2.0% probability of NOT being able to deliver on the growth implied in its share price. ...

Our budget, your budget, and its impact to financial markets

24 Feb 2022
The commitment by the government to service rising debt is formidable, which will appease rating agencies. ...

The investment odds don’t need to be stacked against you

18 Feb 2022
This article was first published on New Age Alpha here. Imagine you’re sitting, minding your own business, and your buddy, Louie, shoulders up to you and begins his sentence saying, “What are the ...

Mid-February market report

14 Feb 2022
Meta Platforms issued disappointing results which led to $200 billion being wiped from its valuation – the biggest loss in market value by any US company in history. ...

What do we know for sure about a listed company?

3 Feb 2022
The thinking behind life insurance can be utilised in the building of share portfolios. ...

A better way to approach stock valuation

27 Jan 2022
The value of a security should be determined via an actuarial process that strips out any and all vague and ambiguous information. ...

Financial markets: Where to now?

20 Jan 2022    1
Positioning portfolios to preserve previous gains and rebalancing them to reduce risk concentration. ...

Mid-January market report

17 Jan 2022
US stocks were the global outperformers in 2021 as huge amounts of stimulus pushed the major indexes to all-time highs. ...

Investing using the Avoid the Human Factor strategy in 2021

7 Jan 2022
How the human factor scores of a few prominent companies has changed from 2021 to 2022. ...

Mid-December market report

10 Dec 2021
News of the omicron variant affected markets negatively, ...

Rising oil prices and inflation

3 Dec 2021
Analysts at JP Morgan have said that with Opec+ 'firmly in the driver’s seat' oil futures could test $125/barrel in 2022. ...

Stock markets: Know the odds

26 Nov 2021
A look at the numeric probabilities of investment success and how you might be better off simply avoiding the losers. ...

Mid-November market report

17 Nov 2021
The tech-heavy Nasdaq was largely driven up by the steep rise in Tesla shares which gained 43.65% in October. ...

New Age Alpha of New York CIO’s outlook for Q4 2021

5 Nov 2021
A look at scenarios in which inflation may come to the fore. ...

Sibanye Stillwater buys Brazilian mines: The H-Factor score

29 Oct 2021
Sibanye Stillwater announces that it's buying Brazilian mines for electric vehicle batteries. ...

The uranium squeeze

22 Oct 2021
Will we see a similar price run to the early 2000s? ...

Mid-October market report

18 Oct 2021
Commodity markets continue to impress with the Bloomberg Commodity Index printing 4.97% for September. ...

The Human Factor’s use as an equity fund

8 Oct 2021
The Human Factor Tool not only positions you to outperform but also to benefit from factor diversification and risk reduction. ...

Mid-September economic report

14 Sep 2021
Policy is expected to remain accommodative at the next Monetary Policy Committee meeting on September 23. ...

Inflation vs disinflation debate

10 Sep 2021    1
Regardless of whether you reside in the deflation or inflation camp, it is important to assess both sides of the debate. ...

Discovery’s Human Factor Score increases significantly

6 Sep 2021
Possible capital raise might be reducing Discovery's ability to deliver the growth implied in its share price. ...

Don’t pick the winners, just avoid the losers

16 Aug 2021    2
The Human Factor is an actuarially based portfolio tool aimed at mitigating the risk of human behaviour. ...

Standard Bank wants to pull the trigger and buy Liberty

16 Jul 2021    2
But will they be able to deliver on the growth implied in their share price? And what about the potential interim dividend to shareholders announced in June? ...

Mid-July economic review

15 Jul 2021
SA's extended lockdown, and ongoing looting and violence will have a large effect on recovery and growth going into the third quarter. ...

Mid-June economic review

18 Jun 2021
The rand has been the star performer, hitting a 28-month high against the US dollar. ...

Predicted 68.1% probability that Standard Bank will deliver on growth implied

11 Jun 2021    3
How does the bank compare to its peers? ...

Would you rather own Spar or Shoprite’s shares?

1 Jun 2021    3
Here's what their Human-Factor Scores suggest. ...

Heineken considers buying Distell, but is this a good idea?

20 May 2021
Here's what the Human-Factor Score suggests. ...

Mid-May 2021 economic review

19 May 2021
Gold produced a stellar performance for the month closing 5.93% higher. ...

Clicks buys Pick n Pay pharmacies: Their Human Factor Scores

11 May 2021
If you were a share investor, which share would you rather own? ...

Applying the avoid the Human Factor Strategy to Facebook

29 Apr 2021
Can the social media company deliver the growth implied by its  share price? ...

Mid-April 2021 economic review

16 Apr 2021    1
Gold retreated by 11% for the quarter as risk-aversion slowly and surely diminishes. ...

Netflix: A study in the application of the Human Factor

15 Apr 2021
Can the streaming service deliver the growth implied by its stock price? ...

March 2021 economic review

30 Mar 2021
The spot price of Brent Crude oil experienced an unprecedented jump of 18.4% from the previous month. ...

Sun International, effects of lockdown and the human factor score

25 Mar 2021
Can the gaming group justify its share price? ...

Mid-February economic report

18 Feb 2021
Year to date, the JSE Alsi returned a staggering 8.14%. ...

December economic review

20 Jan 2021
The finalisation of Brexit brought cheers to the markets. ...

Mid-December 2020 economic report

17 Dec 2020
The rand benefited the most from a weakened US dollar, gaining 5.8%. ...

Mid-November 2020 economic report

19 Nov 2020
South African economy is projected to contract by 7.8% in 2020. ...

Mid-term budget policy statement highlights 2020

29 Oct 2020
The economy is expected to contract by 7.8% in 2020, while gross debt is expected to rise to R5.5 trillion in 2023/24 fiscal year. ...

Mid-October 2020 economic report

20 Oct 2020
In early October, the rand recovered to below R16.50 to the American greenback. ...

Never mind picking winners, avoid the losers!

14 Oct 2020    1
There's an online tool that can help you improve the performance of a listed share portfolio. ...

Should I invest in direct offshore funds or feeder funds?

23 Sep 2020
Having exposure to offshore instruments in your portfolio is beneficial in many ways. ...

Should you have an income fund in your portfolio?

20 Aug 2020
The inclusion of an income fund establishes the fundamentals of a prosperous investment strategy. ...

In trading shares, like sports, winning is a habit

13 Aug 2020    2
Why the 'avoid the human factor' strategy is the best way to pick shares. ...

Online traders vs professional investors

5 Jul 2020
The strategy by online traders is not underpinned by any form of fundamental analysis to determine the value of the company that underlies the listed share. ...

Traditional and non-traditional equity valuations models

5 Jun 2020
It's important to understand the underlying assumptions of the model used to determine whether the current share price is under or overvalued. ...

Good business lessons learnt in lockdown

25 May 2020
Businesses should always be planning for the worst and finding ways to diversify at a moment’s notice. ...

The mind of a seasoned investor in face of tumultuous financial markets

22 Apr 2020
How to cushion your investment and amplify investment growth when faced with a market downturn. ...

Life after Covid-19

16 Apr 2020
The choices the country makes in the next few months will determine our entire future. ...

Investing vs speculating

7 Apr 2020
The discipline of investing in well thought out and proven strategies build your wealth solidly. ...

Treating the virus, not the markets

19 Mar 2020
'Rather than trying to manipulate the market, we should be treating the economy as one would treat a virus.' ...

How do financial advisors stay relevant in the age of automation?

13 Mar 2020
Financial advisors should embrace new ways of looking at investments. ...

The only reason investors lose money in stock markets

21 Feb 2020
When a listed company’s management cannot justify the listed share price. ...

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