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Contact Number: 010 035 1390 / 083 534 5196
Address: Durban Office:
Office 249 Umhlanga Business Centre
2 Ncondo Place, Ridgeside, Umhlanga Ridge, 4319
Tel: 031 830 5374

Johannesburg Office:
The Business Exchange
Block 4, 150 Rivonia Road, Sandton, 2057


Mduduzi Luthuli is the co-founder and an Executive Director of Luthuli Capital and heads up our Wealth Management and Corporate Division. He has been in the private client financial services industry for 7 years with experience in investment portfolio management, risk management and business assurance.

He started his financial career in 2009 with Nedbank Limited as a banker to high net- worth individuals. He later moved on to Liberty Corporate where he administered their Pension and Provident funds with a focus on Investment Portfolio Management.

His financial advisory career commenced in 2013 with Liberty Life, a career that has since seen him being promoted to Head of Wealth Management in 2015 at one of the top black-owned brokerages in Sandton, South Africa. He is responsible for managing the wealth management sales team, developing and tracking compliance processes & tools and increasing our retail and corporate assets under management whilst overseeing the broad business strategy, business development and value proposition of Luthuli Capital. He is also the Key Individual for the group, and the current Chair of the Management Committee.

Company Info

LUTHULI CAPITAL was founded and structured in 2016 as a Pan-African multi-specialist proprietary limited company that offers a global approach to your wealth-management portfolio. We are an independent advice-based practice, which means we are not tied to a specific product supplier. We pride ourselves in our traditionalist and unwavering approach to wealth management centered on our focus on diligent industry research, innovation, accountability and excellence. Our aim is to be regarded as a trusted leader in wealth creation and protection.

To provide conflict-free, client-centric, independent advice that enhances your global tailored wealth management portfolio, aimed at extracting and creating value.



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