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Mduduzi Luthuli, on the surface, is an accomplished investment manager at Luthuli Capital, with years of experience in the financial markets. His job is a difficult one, to consistently ensures the long-term viability of his clients’ investment portfolios. He considers himself a “portfolio surgeon” who takes an unhealthy portfolio and makes an endurance athlete out of it. As such, he has produced healthy, enduring results for high echelon clients. But more than an investment manager, Mr. Luthuli is a person who influences and persuades top ranking people; whose opinion is highly sought after; and whose judgment is respected and trusted.

In the years to come, his wish is to engage with thought leaders and high-ranking decision makers in international public policy. He invites top players to challenge him, converse with him, and slog through the mud with him. Mr. Luthuli’s ultimate goal is to become a national policy adviser, using his drive and untiring commitment to bring greater autonomy and dignity to the people of the developing world through making financial literacy a human right.

Company Info

LUTHULI CAPITAL is a firm passionately focused on the investment management success of our clients. Established in 2016 as an independent Pan-African investment firm, we’ve worked tirelessly to create a proven track-record, a rich heritage and robust balance sheet.

LUTHULI CAPITAL is a new kind of investment firm taking a radical approach to investment management. From unprecedented perspective and tools to tailored service and open conversations, we’re all about helping our clients get ahead and find success.

At LUTHULI CAPITAL we have a mission to bring Africans together through providing equal investment opportunity by developing new technologies to disrupt traditional financial advisory services. We’re building this firm for you (the client). We’ll learn and adapt to you, celebrating your individuality in every way. Reach for your mobile and we’ll be there (hello). With everything at your fingertips, do all your investing anywhere. No opening hours for us, just investing how it should be. We don’t believe in complicated. We’ll make opening an account easy. Just a few simple steps and you’ll be done. The more we learn about how you like to invest, the better we’ll get at keeping you one step ahead.


Developed markets winning the race

1 October 2018    18
‘Your job as an advisor is to find the best possible investment opportunity for your client. You have no obligation to be loyal to the local market,’ says Mduduzi Luthuli. ...

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How much on average should you put away each month?  ...

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How can I pursue a career as an investment advisor?

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My true passion is investments and I would like to start at entry level. ...

How can we apply our stokvel to property development?

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How can we invest in the short term for high interest returns to achieve this over the next two years? ...

Can I invest offshore without a broker?

4 July 2018    57
Are there any platforms that cut out the middle man? ...

5 steps to financial independence in 2018

13 January 2018    4    104
Controlling your finances is possible in a time of financial uncertainty. ...

Will a donation to my spouse trigger capital gains tax?

12 September 2017    52
I'm married out of community of property and would like to donate unit trusts to my spouse. ...

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Do I invest my money or store it under the mattress?

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The R400 000 I invested is now worth R383 000 a year later. We are 50 years old, and don’t have a lot of time left to contribute towards our pension…. ...

What happens if my annuity was miscalculated?

11 May 2017    23
What do you do if after a year of retirement, you are notified that the annuity was miscalculated, overpaid and they want money back? ...

Can I transfer my maturity funds into an RA?

5 April 2017    33
Reader's question answered. ...

Can I cash out my pension to invest?

13 March 2017    16    70
Reader's question answered. ...

Budget 2017: Impact on investments

23 February 2017    3
Lack of detail from budget on Twin Peaks and retirement reform - Mduduzi Luthuli, Luthuli Capital. ...

Fixed deposits versus unit trusts

20 January 2017    5    200
Reader's question answered: The search for a reasonable rate of return. ...

It’s about how you position yourself

1 December 2016    1    6
What are the unique offerings of this new wealth management business: Mduduzi Luthuli – head of wealth management, Luthuli Capital. ...

Accessing pension lump sums on early retirement: rules and tips

7 November 2016    12    74
I want to make a query regarding to lump sum withdrawals. In 2014, at 54, my dad resigned from his job at Eskom after 39 years and ten months service, as he was drowning in debt. His pension fund was ...

How to manage multiple RAs

24 October 2016    4    35
Factors to consider when saving with GEPF. Reader's question answered. ...

How to best invest for a child’s education

13 October 2016    6    12
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Tax benefits of contributing towards an RA

10 October 2016    2    43
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How best to save for an unborn child’s education

27 September 2016    10    47
Reader’s question answered. ...

Mduduzi's VIEWS  

30-somethings: gain control of your finances

27 November 2018    29
Life is complicated enough. Your money needn’t be. ...

Before you get married…

19 November 2018    30
Being open and honest about each other’s intentions with money can help each spouse understand the other and plan accordingly. ...

Your children are not your retirement plan

6 November 2018    60
Wealth can cause people to become less empathetic or compassionate and the desperation of poverty can have a detrimental effect on character. ...

Things to consider for the international student…and their parent

29 October 2018    14
The rand is weak against the dollar and will most likely weaken further in future, thus education abroad will become costlier. ...

Financially preparing for an unplanned pregnancy

17 October 2018    7
You have time to save and prepare. The unexpected often brings a lot of joy with it. ...

Adjusting finances for the ‘blended’ family

10 October 2018    7
Be aware that any account beneficiary designation will take priority over the provisions of a will. ...

How to transfer wealth between generations

3 October 2018    47
A bottom-up approach to a family’s asset allocation can materially enhance overall wealth. ...

Money and stress

25 September 2018    14
It’s very difficult to solve a problem if you refuse to accept that you have one. ...

Investing in a bear market

13 September 2018    21
It doesn't makes sense to shift your money around to outguess the markets. ...

How should I invest a lump-sum?

6 September 2018    11
You may have a better rate of return by putting a lump sum towards your debt, than you would investing it. ...

Sis, bro … let’s talk about money

31 August 2018    5
Adult children may be nervous about raising the topic of their parents’ finances out of fear of appearing greedy or nosy. ...

Mom, Dad … let’s talk about money

27 August 2018    6
It may be a difficult conversation to have, but as your parents get older, you will need to start talking to them about their finances. It might not be easy getting them to open up about their finance ...

Tips on growing up financially

7 August 2018    1
Prepare to break old, unwanted habits and cultivate new, effective ones instead. ...

Are you a good financial role model to your child?

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Children don’t do what they are told but rather emulate what they see, financially too. ...

Do I need a financial mentor?

30 July 2018    10
For those hailing from financially dysfunctional family backgrounds, money matters often appear clear as mud. ...

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