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Michael Haldane formed Global & Local in 1999, after having achieved a Bcom Honors at the University of Kwazulu Natal and spending 8 years working for a number of financial institutions. Michael is a born investment advisor who places the needs of investors first. He has a deep understanding of investing in all this vast subject’s variances, especially when it comes to unit trusts, pre-retirement planning, hedge funds, post retirement investment management and offshore investments. Michael is especially skilled in advising offshore investments. Michael has passed the required RE 1, 5 & 3 exams.

Michael is married, has two children and is passionate about Eastern philosophies. He is also a voracious reader, traveller and enjoys playing squash.

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Global & Local formed by Michael Haldane 20 years ago.

Throughout this time Michael has developed a deep understanding of those investors who are considering, entering into or in retirement. This understanding has now expanded to assisting those who wish to invest in markets outside of South Africa.

During the last 20 years Global & Local has developed a highly respected team of 35 people who administer, analyse, review and service Global & Local clients who reside all over South Africa, and across the globe. Global & Local has an in-house analytical team of 5 highly qualified analysts whose task it is to analyse markets, investment institutions, funds, fund managers and client investments.

Global & Local can also offer cash accounts, transactional FOREX services as well as onshore and offshore investments.
Global & Local has remained a completely independent investment advisory company and as such we have 58 contracts with different product providers as well as being able to provide outside experts in the fields of tax; fiduciary and estate planning services.
Global & Local is able to provide advisory and investment portfolio management services to individuals, companies and trusts.


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