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Mike is the sole owner and key individual at Pfire and PfireExplore and co-owner of Pfirestorm. From 1981 to 2007, Mike has worked in the local as well as offshore financial services field in disciplines including but not limited to Fiduciary Services, Financial and estate planning, Portfolio Management, Retail and Commercial Banking, Private banking, Offshore banking and Asset management, Tax consulting and Business Consulting. Mike established his own practice – Pfire – an acronym for “Planning For Individuals Resourcing Entrepreneurs” in 2007! Since establishing his practice, Mike has expanded his services offering to the full range of personal financial planning and business consulting services – including being appointed to a panel of business support specialists for government related business investment opportunities. Mike has various undergraduate and post graduate qualifications as well as certification from the Financial Planning Institute as a CFP® and certification from the Fiduciary Institute of South Africa – FPSA®. Mike also completed his International Action Learning Master of Business from the Business School Netherlands. A short stint in the United Kingdom and Europe exposed Mike to global private banking and asset management services (Isle of Man, Jersey) as well as educational exposure at Manchester Business School and Templeton College in Oxford. Mike is married with two children and enjoys fitness training and travelling with his wife.

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Pfire is a registered Independent Financial Services Provider in South Africa registration number 30256 ( Its primary market segment are business entrepreneurs and owners with a substantial secondary market consisting of the primary client’s management and employee base. Pfire offers a range of personal and corporate financial services (Wealth, Retirement, local and offshore investments, Risk, Estate and Health planning) as well as business services (Consulting across all management disciplines, entrepreneurial training, mentorships, technology solutions and accounting/payroll services). The purpose of our business is to create clients and retain them – forever and across generations.

Our simple philosophy is that if we do this well, our business and service to our clients will endure and grow. Our infrastructure, operations, fee models and technology – known as IN TOUCH and locatexd at – are all purposefully aligned to ensure that our clients are center stage to everything we do. Our pre-set bundles of services offer simplicity and clarity when making service selection choices enabling our clients to “build” their own bespoke service alternatives. Our memberships to various voluntary bodies, such as the Financial Planning Institute of Southern Africa reflect our commitment to unquestionable ethical and moral behaviour in all we do.


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