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Contact Number: 011 447 6916
Address: Rosebank Terrace, Ground Floor, 23 Sturdee Avenue, Rosebank.


Peter is a director of the Rosebank Wealth Group and is responsible for day to day operations and management. He forms part of the team responsible for the design and management of investment products and client portfolios. He has a B Comm (Hons) Financial Management from UNISA and is a Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA) charter holder. He became a shareholder and director of the firm in March 2013.

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Rosebank Wealth Group is an owner managed, family wealth management firm that specialises in looking after High Net Worth individuals and families. We also assist young, aspiring professionals with their financial planning. We look after approximately 80 family units. We believe that a family’s financial position needs to be managed with the same amount of commitment and effort as is ordinarily applied to a well-run business and as such we assist our clients in organising their affairs in terms of regulation and compliance, risk management, liquidity management and  their income needs.

We aim to be independent in every sense of the word and as such put our clients’ interests first in everything we do. We have made use of alternative assets classes, including local and offshore hedge funds along with more traditional asset classes in the past and are confident that this knowledge and experience will stand our clients in good stead as more and more hedge funds embrace the regulated environment in South Africa.


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9 July 2018    62
I can either invest it, or I can buy a property to rent out. ...

RA top up or tax-free savings account?

31 May 2018    85
Should I use the RA tax benefit, as allowed by Sars, before investing into a tax-free fund? ...

Are my financial advisor’s fees justified?

26 February 2018    21    37
Am I under an obligation to give 1% of my funds to the broker who I originally took the investment out with every time I make a deposit? ...

Can I afford to retire early?

24 August 2017    60
Will I be OK to retire next year at 61, take R500 000 tax free and invest the balance with 4% monthly as an income? ...

‘We use economies of scale to drive down costs’

9 June 2017    1    15
Peter Nurcombe-Thorne on the family office concept, Rosebank Wealth's fee structure, his investment strategy and the role of non-financial assets in business and property. ...

Where do I invest my R150 000 lump sum?

16 May 2017    68
I have R 150 000 that I'd like to invest into a compound interest account and then contribute R4 000 monthly to it. What would be the best option for me, that would also allow access to my money when ...

How to select an Indian equity fund

17 April 2017    2    17
Why an actively-managed fund might be better than an ETF. ...

What you should know before investing offshore

19 March 2017    4    42
Differences between foreign-currency denominated funds and rand-denominated foreign funds. ...

India: The investment opportunity

1 March 2017    1    19
ETFs to consider. ...

Is your South African portfolio diversified if you invest in India?

26 February 2017    1    12
India's economy is growing at a faster pace and Foreign Direct Investment is on the rise. ...

Pension fund or RA?

17 February 2017    7    30
Reader's question answered. ...

Peter's VIEWS  

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Saving for retirement can be compared with a long sea journey. ...

Weird and wonderful offshore shares

21 March 2018    2
The main requirements for your new investments would be that the underlying holdings add diversity to your existing portfolio, while offering good value. ...

Outrageous predictions for 2018

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A look at Saxo Bank's annual list. ...

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Stretching your pension investments

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Sweating pensions in the post-retirement phase

12 September 2017    11
For those concerned about funding their retirement, splitting the years of retirement into distinct phases could make planning easier. ...

Six retirement ‘rules of thumb’ that should be retired

23 August 2017    106
Are you saving enough? How much money do you actually need to retire? ...

How do you select a fund that invests in Indian equities?

6 April 2017    1    7
Why an actively managed fund might be better than an ETF. ...

What you should know before investing offshore

8 March 2017    10
What should your starting point be? And where do you find the data to support your decision and ensure that you are getting your desired exposure? ...

Is your South African portfolio diversified if you invest in India?

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A fresh breeze of reform blowing through India

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Our close-up view of India’s rising middle class gave us a glimpse into the huge potential for economic growth and associated investment returns into the future. ...

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