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Contact information

Contact Number: 021 202 2712
Address: Ground Floor, White Oak Terrace, 2 Edmar Street, Old Oak Office Park, Bellville, Cape Town, 7530


RICHUS specializes in holistic retirement planning (local and offshore), long-term insurance, business group retirement annuities, business insurance (key-man / buy and sell agreements) and cash solutions for business owners & entrepreneurs.

Richus attained his Postgraduate Diploma in Financial Planning from the University of Stellenbosch (Cum Laude) and is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® professional, a member of the Financial Planning Institute of South Africa.

Richus has a B.Comm Management Accountancy degree from the University of Stellenbosch. He completed his audit articles at Logista Auditors and Accountants (Stellenbosch) and completed his ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) qualifying exams in December 2011. He is a fully registered member of ACCA.

Richus has been in the financial services industry since January 2004 and has worked for Investec Trust and Fiduciary services in the Channel Islands (Guernsey and Jersey) and Geneva. In 2008 he moved back to South Africa to join Investec Private Bank in Cape Town. He joined Brenthurst Wealth Management in 2012 as an independent financial advisor and was head of the Brenthurst Tygerwaterfront and Stellenbosch offices until October 2018. He received the Brenthurst Wealth “Award of Excellence” in 2015. Richus recently joined PSG Wealth as a team & business owner, where he is able to fully express his passionate entrepreneurial spirit.

Company Info

PSG Wealth is a leading independent financial services group, with an extensive national footprint and both a Namibian and Mauritian presence. In operation since 1998, we offer a value-orientated approach to our clients’ financial needs, from asset and wealth management to insurance.

PSG Wealth offers a comprehensive wealth management service designed to meet your needs as an individual, family or business.Through our online trading and investment platform, you can trade directly in shares and other securities, or invest in unit trusts. We also offer a comprehensive estate planning and fiduciary service, including local and offshore trusts and the administration of deceased estates. For businesses, we offer a full suite of employee benefits and bespoke multi-managed investment solutions.


How will I be taxed on unit trust withdrawals?

7 August 2019    75
Local unit trusts generally attract dividend and interest taxes and possibly capital gains tax on withdrawal. ...

Can I transfer my funds out of a loss-making annuity?

26 April 2019    12    140
Changing investment strategies based solely on market performance is not advised, especially in retirement. ...

What’s better: investing in a 30-day notice account or unit trusts?

18 December 2018    221
A combination of income funds run by respected asset managers may be one of the safest forms of investment, other than cash. ...

Should I take my Flexi pension and invest in a business?

7 June 2018    24
Self-employed and old pension won't be able to sustain retirement. ...

Financial affairs: How much should your spouse know?

31 May 2018    13
Richus Nel shares his views on a financial advisor’s role in estate planning, market volatility and the current economic environment. ...

DIY: Financial ‘self-help’ plans

6 March 2018    12    58
I want to start a share portfolio but don’t want to rush. What do you make of my share picks? ...

Can we use trusts to save for an investment property?

14 September 2017    127
A group is committed to collectively saving R45k per month for a year, to purchase an investment property cash. ...

Post-downgrade strategies for investors

26 April 2017    1    31
Those who are geared towards income can beef up interest-carrying instruments - Richus Nel. ...

In unforgiving markets, income is priority

25 April 2017    1    26
If you have the patience, value-focused investments do outperform - Richus Nel. ...

Income-producing assets pave the way to financial independence

9 April 2017    4    117
Start young and involve spouses at an early stage. ...

Think carefully about drawing too much income and for too long

5 March 2017    5    27
It's best to remain on the conservative side. ...

Finding value amidst market noise

30 November 2016    2    9
‘I do pick up optimistic signs about the local economy’ – Richus Nel ...

Richus's VIEWS  

Put your financial advisor’s number on speed dial

28 August 2019    52
There's much to be learnt from approaching your personal finances like you would a business’s finances. ...

Raise your game

21 June 2019    16
Some coaching considerations to keep in mind that apply to both your sporting hobbies and investment plans. ...

Financial lessons from successful mega farmers

27 May 2019    24
Many farms in South Africa are a clear example of long-term investment, everyday discipline and multi-generational planning. ...

Count your winters to, not during, retirement

2 May 2019    14
Are your financial plans on track to set you up for a comfortable retirement? Time and investment returns wait for no one. ...

Structure your direct offshore investment correctly, from the start

4 April 2019    56
Do your own research and approach emigration and externalisation of assets with exceptional levels of critical thinking, not based on emotions. ...

How to retire in South Africa post 2019

11 March 2019    151
South Africans will need to increase their focus on tax-efficient investment. ...

The decision every parent must make, and would rather not

22 January 2019    42
Considerations when appointing guardians for your minor child. ...

How cycling connects to better long-term investing

4 December 2018    26
Biking to retirement: Start with small achievable targets and learn to ride the ‘investment bike’ over many years, long before retirement. ...

It will rain again – don’t try to predict, rather prepare

13 November 2018    30
Important financial lessons learnt from the recent drought. ...

Hybrid living annuities: the Boeing of retirement?

27 July 2018    73
Retiring (like flying) without the necessary research, prior learning and regulatory precautions could result in a crash. ...

Heading towards too much time, with too little money

25 October 2017    36
About 94% of individuals are unable to retire independently and maintain their living standard straight after retirement. ...

What should your financial planner’s true cost be?

14 August 2017    28
Measuring financial advice solely on investment performance sets advisors up for failure. ...

Income producing assets pave the way to financial independence

6 March 2017    24
And help get you permanently out of the 'rat race'. ...

Think carefully about drawing too much income and for too long

8 February 2017    18
It's best to remain on the conservative side. ...

After a difficult investment year, what lies ahead?

19 January 2017    7
In many aspects, 2016 have to be regarded as the worst financial and investment year for many people. Will 2017 be better? ...

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