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Contact Number: 0216710799 / 0827777079
Address: Aska House, Newlands-on-Main, Main Road, Newlands, Cape Town 7700


Rick Briers-Danks joined Veritas Wealth as a partner in 2009. He is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® Professional who has passed the Key Individual and Rep Regulatory Exams and has a post-graduate diploma in Financial Planning.

After completing a B.Comm (Hons) degree at the University of Stellenbosch in 1996, Rick received his CIMA qualification and began practising as an accountant in the UK. He remained there for eight years, working in various financial roles, including the Telecoms and IT industry, but eventually returned to South Africa in 2005, as Financial Director of Hertz Southern Africa, before then joining Veritas.

Rick credits his affinity for financial planning with the experience of losing his father at the age of 16. The eldest of four, Rick suddenly found himself assisting his mother at the head of the family, and through some challenging personal times, learned early on in life the value of financial planning.

Over the years, his love of both travel and long-distance running have intersected frequently; he has run the London Marathon twice, as well as marathons in Vienna, Paris and Prague. Rick also has five Two Oceans and two Comrades marathons under his belt. Rick believes in giving back and is very involved with the Cableway Charity Challenge which raises R1m annually for a variety of charities.

Company Info

Veritas Wealth is an independent financial planning company focused on managing wealth. We assist people who want to take responsibility for their lifestyle but don’t have the time, knowledge or inclination to manage their own financial affairs.

We believe in a ‘lifestyle’ approach to financial planning. Your financial plan provides a personal roadmap to help you achieve your financial goals. Lifestyle financial planning is about helping you to move beyond the traditional notions of wealth such as assets, net worth, and business valuation, toward genuine prosperity. This is when your resources are aligned with a sense of self and life. Some call it ‘marrying your money to your meaning’.

We are not incentivised to favour some products over others or employed by providers to sell their products. As independent advisers, we remain objective and committed to recommending products that are best suited to you.

Our advice is based on knowledge and hard-earned insight that we have gained through experience and our commitment to remain at the cutting edge of financial planning best practice.


Does a divorced spouse benefit from the sale of a deceased ex’s property?

22 September 2021    1    144
Both parties are still registered as co-owners of the property. ...

Does a unit trust fall outside a deceased estate?

14 September 2021    3    67
Unit trusts form part of the deceased estate and will need to be included in the J243 inventory showing all the assets. ...

Can I get a special dispensation to withdraw R350k from my living annuity?

11 August 2021    14    145
It has a value of just over R2m, and I need the money to settle my bond. ...

Should I pay down my overdraft or add extra to the bond payment?

28 July 2021    3    79
It is best to try and settle the more expensive debt first. ...

Am I on track to achieve my retirement income goal?

24 June 2021    11    45
If not, what sort of shortfall am I facing and how much extra would I need to put away each month? ...

Will I have to pay provisional tax for crypto coins awarded to me?

3 June 2021    3    29
And is it safe to overestimate the first submission? ...

Will the proceeds of a life insurance policy be paid to me or the deceased’s estate?

25 May 2021    59
A direct nomination will go directly to you and generally it is best this way from a cost and efficiency point of view. ...

Is it a good idea to use investment property as my pension fund?

19 May 2021    2    179
New pension law about the one-third lump sum is a hindrance if I decide to leave SA. ...

What will happen to my retirement savings if I elect not to buy a life annuity?

13 May 2021    53
In most cases your retirement fund will simply remain invested, in the same structure and format as before. ...

Is it possible to get back my retirement fund that was attached by Sars?

6 May 2021    3    135
You are entitled to request reasons from Sars regarding the deduction and to object to those reasons if you feel they are not valid. ...

If married in COP, is my partner’s pension at risk due to my business debt?

4 March 2021    2    142
How can I avoid such danger before they resign? ...

How can I ensure my life policies and pension get paid into a testamentary trust?

9 February 2021    1    192
There's no perfect solution, but here are some options.... ...

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