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Contact Number: 0118958000
Address: Illovo Point, Office No. 1101, 68 Melville Road, Illovo, Sandton


I joined NFB Asset Management in 2003. Three years later I realised my passion was for wealth management, a client facing position, and I redirected, having gained a great knowledge base, into a full-time financial advisor. My clients are predominately individuals, trusts and corporates and I also have product development responsibilities in our Group. After achieving excellent results in my principal focus areas, I was appointed to the NFB PWM JHB board in 2013.

My approach to clients and work is twofold. Firstly, a good night’s sleep in not negotiable or said another way, you must always do what you believe is the right thing. Secondly, be prepared.

I’m a lover of the great outdoors and particularly like being in a game reserve. I go to gym to keep fit, enjoy scuba diving and have my PADI Master Scuba Diver rating. After a successful week at the office my indulgence is a decent whisky.

I am married with two young children.

Company Info

NFB Private Wealth Management has been providing clients with independent financial advice and a broad suite of products since 1985. They’re part of the AltX listed NVest Financial Holdings (NVE: AltX) group of companies that has more than R30 billion under management and administration.

Their highly qualified and experienced multidisciplinary team of Independent Financial Advisors and professionals take care to craft bespoke solutions, tailored to their clients’ individual needs, rather than a one-size-fits-all service. They do this by investing time into deeply understanding their clients before making any investment decisions.

They pride themselves on their long-serving people who collaborate across business skill sets to ensure that every investment decision made for clients is the best possible one. Their pragmatic approach to wealth management, developed hand in hand with their clients, ensures a personalised wealth plan with the goal of future financial growth and security. 

They simplify the complexity of wealth management for their clients, giving them the ability to make informed decisions with peace of mind.


I won R3m in the lotto. How should I invest it?

25 August 2021    14    190
In choosing where to invest, you need to consider factors such as inflation, current interest rates, your investment timeframe, and your risk appetite. ...

Settling debt versus investing: What are my options?

14 July 2021    8    89
Should I focus solely on settling my home loan, or on doing that while contributing to another investment? ...

How much capital will I need to retire comfortably?

9 July 2021    2    109
I contribute to a provident fund, retirement annuity, and a tax-free savings account monthly. Is there anything else I should consider to ensure the best outcome for my retirement? ...

Is making a withdrawal from my preservation funds the best option for me?

18 May 2021    17
The overall liquidity of your investment portfolio should be considered when deciding whether to withdraw from a fund and purchase a living annuity. ...

What can I invest R158k in to receive R5k income monthly?

16 March 2021    23    555
Of three options on what to do with your RA funds, a life annuity would give you the highest probability of income certainty – but not at the required level. ...

How much capital do I need to retire early?

11 February 2021    25    133
I would like a monthly interest payout of R50 000 after tax. ...

What should I consider when looking for a retirement annuity?

26 November 2020    5    30
If this is your only investment you may want to explore splitting across other products to get product, liquidity and tax diversification. ...

My husband’s preservation fund interest is low. What are the alternatives?

6 August 2020    29
The first step is to determine whether the current asset allocation is appropriate. ...

I have a six-month investment term. What should I invest in?

10 June 2020    191
There is no perfect solution, but here are a few ideas to think about. ...

Could I lose my pension during this coronavirus crisis?

5 May 2020    48
And would it be better to cash out or preserve it? ...

Is there a tax benefit to purchasing an RA with my retirement lump sum?

3 April 2020    127
Investing your retirement cash lump sum withdrawal into a retirement annuity could prove to be very beneficial. ...

Investors: No rash decisions for now

17 March 2020    59
NFB Private Wealth Management's Stephen Katzenellenbogan discusses investments amid market volatility, Covid-19's effects on retirees and more. ...

I’m 52 and haven’t saved enough for retirement. Is it too late?

12 February 2020    385
Asset allocation will play a big role in your investment/retirement outcome. ...

How do I choose the best living annuity, return-wise?

5 September 2019    72
Avoid picking funds purely on performance – simply going for last year’s winners or losers isn't a fund-selection process. ...
life insurance, insurance, assets, umbrella

How best do we protect our retirement capital?

22 March 2019    69
... and keep the same standard of living? ...

I want to use some of my pension on debt and a deposit on a house

10 August 2018    105
Where can I transfer the remaining funds without incurring too much tax? ...

What happens when I default on my RA payments?

8 August 2018    42
I've been contributing for 10 years, but haven't been able to pay the last three months. ...

What is the tax impact of a loan to my daughter?

30 April 2018    100
I want to loan my daughter money to build a property, with a contract in place on how interest and capital will be repaid. ...

The ‘perfect storm’ for rand strength

23 April 2018    1    25
The sentiment at dinner tables is positive but that hasn't translated to investments; the markets and economy remain subdued - Stephen Katzenellenbogen, NFB. ...

How should I invest my R1.5m for retirement?

28 September 2017    79
What kind of investment would you recommend with the lowest costs possible, maximum returns and minimum tax implications? ...

How do executor fees work?

29 August 2017    187
In the executor's draft for my late father's estate settlement, are the 3.5% fees from the total assets or the net assets? ...

We high-five when we save one basis point for our clients

13 July 2017    5
Stephen Katzenellenbogen on asset allocation, building a balanced portfolio, NFB's fee structure and making cost savings for clients. ...

The best place to park your cash

23 May 2017    1    86
What are the best places to park cash (and perhaps in what currency) for an investment return? ...

Invest with greater certainty

30 April 2017    4    18
Reduce portfolio volatility through guaranteed investments and structured products. ...

The risk of being too cautious

18 March 2017    1    27
And benefits of staying invested for the long term. ...

Offshore is a yes, but what?

26 February 2017    8    26
Pointers on whether to choose a unit trust or stockbroking account. ...

Risk on … risk off

2 December 2016    1    9
In the current environment, is an investor being rewarded for taking risk? ...

How best to invest rental income

14 November 2016    8    31
Moneyweb reader’s question answered. ...

In an overtraded market which asset managers should you trust?

7 November 2016    6
Our [offshore investing] position is blue chip equity. Look for good dividend yields: Stephen Katzenellenbogen, director and private wealth manager at NFB Financial Services Group. ...

Stephen's VIEWS  

Tax and the deficit

25 February 2021    1    2
SA’s fiscal debt looks set to peak in 2027 and there’s little room to increase tax revenue through rate hikes. ...

Can I save myself ‘rich’?

22 January 2021    3    127
Different people save for different reasons, and the earlier you start, the better it is. ...

Help! I’m about to retire and global markets are in turmoil

20 March 2020    149
It's important to lift your head above the noise and focus on your high-level strategy. ...

How do the rich get richer?

26 November 2019    180
The rich get richer by putting their money to work. ...

A will is only part of the solution

29 October 2019    25
Bad estate planning can be very costly. ...

How a financial advisor can help create and preserve wealth

25 October 2019    14
However, you cannot expect your financial advisor to be the purveyor of miracles. ...

How do I get offshore exposure?

7 August 2019    42
The decision to invest must be practical, not emotional. and must meet the investor’s circumstances. ...

Are financial advisors really worth it?

20 June 2019    112
Unless financial markets, -legislation, -tax and -planning are your profession or committed hobby, you may be better off consulting an expert. ...

Millennials – it’s time you gave a darn about your finances

6 May 2019    82
Putting your savings in a bank account doesn’t count as investing; you'll definitely lose out to inflation over time especially considering tax. ...

Save now or retire never

2 April 2019    120
Life happens, but if you have a flexible plan, with some non-negotiables, you'll be able to meet your investment dreams. ...

How to get Sars to pay back the money

30 January 2019    136
A look at three investment products that offer you tax benefits. ...

WTF? (Where’s the future?)

19 October 2018    16
In the current investment climate, clients and advisors must reaffirm the appropriateness of investors’ asset allocations. ...

What a latte in a disposable cup can do for you (or not)

2 July 2018    38
Spend less than you earn, and buy less than you can afford, you will save a lot of money. ...

To kill a bond or not?

18 October 2017    144
If you can get an investment return higher than the interest rate on your bond, then you should allocate any additional cash you have to investments. ...

The risk of being too cautious

1 February 2017    6
Investors are disillusioned after two years of single digit returns and are looking towards cash as a solution; risk off. ...

Offshore is a yes, but what?

27 September 2016    6
Your money is offshore and now it is time to invest. ...

Offshore is a yes, but how?

29 August 2016    37
Direct investment versus product. ...

Invest with greater certainty

2 August 2016    1
Reducing portfolio volatility through guaranteed investments and structured products. ...

Emotional investing

7 July 2016
Sticking to your guns in periods of mass volatility. ...

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