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Contact information

Contact Number: 021 914 9646
Address: Tyger Waterfront, Waterfront Terraces Block 2
Carl Cronje Drive, Bellville


SUZEAN HAUMANN is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER®️ and a registered member of the professional body, the Financial Planning Institute of South Africa. She has experience in various aspects of financial planning and focuses on investment and retirement planning as well offshore investment, being qualified as a Foreign Exchange Consultant for the company. Suzean is based in Cape Town and is mainly working from the Tygervalley branch and is fully qualified to give advice on all investment matters.

Company Info

Brenthurst Wealth was announced as the Top Boutique Wealth manager in SA in the 2017 Intellidex Wealth Manager and Private Bank Award. The company has six offices countrywide, providing independent financial advice by experienced and highly qualified financial advisors.

Brenthurst has a predominately high net worth client base consisting of individuals, companies and trusts and provides comprehensive financial planning solutions which include retirement planning, tax planning, investment planning, direct offshore investment, long term insurance, wills and estate planning.

Brenthurst Wealth was one of the first companies to receive the FPI Approved Professional Practice™ accreditation, the premier accolade and recognition of adherence to the highest standards of professionalism and service in the financial planning industry. The Approved Professional Practice™ accolade is only bestowed upon a practice once certain rigorous criteria have been met, which include, amongst others, that at least 60% of the planners are Certified Financial Planners and at least one CFP® professional is a key individual.

The company was established in 2004 and has an established track record of exceptional service to clients and maintains a high client retention rate.


Investors mistakenly want to withdraw money

16 November 2018    4    53
One can never be sure when a bad market will end and a new market will start, so you can’t time the market - Suzean Haumann, Brenthurst Wealth. ...

Do I need to pay tax on a foreign income?

13 March 2018    1    128
What are the tax implications if your income is deposited in an offshore account versus an SA-registered bank account? ...

Offshore investing: How do I navigate wills and tax?

5 October 2017    6    149
Are there issues with foreign investments in the event of one's death regarding separate wills and executors, estate duty, and insurance wrappers? ...

We’ve moved to a more conservative strategy, less aggressive

22 September 2017    28
Long-term investing: ‘We tell clients if you stay invested, you will actually work through those losses and get your gains again’ - Suzean Haumann, financial advisor at Brenthurst Wealth. ...

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Low risk may deliver unexpected consequences in retirement

23 April 2018    24
It is as important to have a diversified investment approach in retirement as it is while accumulating wealth. ...

Choices choices … living annuity or conventional life annuity?

15 January 2018    46
In a lot of cases it would be most beneficial to have a combination of the two. ...

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