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Contact Number: 0824472554
Address: 6 Condon Avenue, Pierre van Ryneveld. Centurion. and 18 Satara Road, Somerset West


I have been in the Financial Planning Industry as an advisor since 1985. During 1990 I started my own practice as an Independent Financial Advisor. I have studied extensively, and
I hold the designation of CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® Professional. My highest qualification is an Advanced Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning NQF level 8 from the University of the Free State.
The fact that I am independent, not affiliated to any specific company makes me an advisor that only looks after your interests. I am as Independent and Objective as can be and I only consider your needs.

Company Info

I am a Independent Financial Planner not affiliated to any company specifically.

I offer comprehensive financial planning and investment management services as a means of building wealth, increasing peace of mind and creating more freedom in the lives of my clients. I am here to help you live by design, not by default.

Done right, financial planning is about more than just money. It’s about creating clarity, freedom and connection – and those things are free. My ethos is deeply rooted in empathy, kindness, authenticity, honesty and integrity. My aim is to serve as an integral advocate and partner to help my clients live the very best possible versions of their lives.

I am also a Financial Coach who helps my clients with the basics of money management. I work with clients who may have a bad relationship with money or who have other obstacles keeping them from managing their finances well. My goal is to help my clients develop healthy money habits that will last.

For those who are ready, I am here to help clear your path forward, and then walk with you every step of the way. If building a relationship with a financial advisor based on honesty and transparency sounds like your kind of thing, then I’d love to chat to you.


How long does it take to dematerialise and sell shares when winding up an estate?

8 September 2021    8    49
It can take several months since the share certificates will be in a holding position while the various processes associated with winding up an estate unfold. ...

What are the penalties for accessing your RA before the maturity date?

1 September 2021    4    57
I'm planning to emigrate before the end of the year and wondering if it would be prudent to stop the contributions now and gain access to the funds. ...

Should I cash in my RAs and invest in living annuities?

22 July 2021    5    148
And does it make sense to buy another RA after one retires as I will be paying tax on my income from part-time work? ...

Under the new pension regulations, can you borrow money from your provident fund?

15 April 2021    2    730
You can borrow funds to buy a property, renovate a property, pay off a housing loan, or to guarantee a housing loan. You cannot use the funds for any other purpose. ...

Bank or insurance company: Which is best to preserve your provident fund?

25 February 2021    7    22
The company is not as important as the financial planner who is going to manage your funds for you. ...

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