Willem Basson

Willem Basson

Efficient Wealth

FSP no: 655  

Willem is a CFP® professional. CFP certification is the only globally recognized mark of professionalism for financial planning.



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81 Dely Road Hazelwood Pretoria


Willem’s financial- and insurance career started in 1987 at Old Mutual. He has spent most of his career at one of the largest insurance companies in South Africa, where he fulfilled various roles and won several national and international awards. He decided to join Efficient Wealth in 2011. Willem is enthusiastic about sharing his knowledge and has done more than 600 television, and just a bit more than 1 000 radio interviews, focusing on financial education.

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Efficient is as efficient does. We’re not about promise; we’re about performance. That’s why Efficient Wealth was established in 2003 as a subsidiary of the Efficient Group Limited. The aim was to provide holistic personal financial services, with a complete suite of financial and investment management products. From financial planning to specialised products and services, we have the right investment and financial portfolio services to cater for every need, to South Africans from all walks of life. The objective of our financial advisors is to provide a wide array of ‘best-of-breed’ independent financial planning products and services to meet your and your family’s diverse and ever-changing investment management and financial needs. We’ll make the most of whatever you have. For the people you love. That’s just what we do.

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Can all my investment allocations in my provident fund be invested offshore?

22 Sep 2020
Unfortunately not. The best thing is to look at the total allocation of your provident fund to ensure the maximum of 30% offshore exposure is fully utilised. ...

Willem's views

2022 budget: The pressure is on!

25 Feb 2022
How Dawie Roodt's insights can help you turn budget challenges into opportunities. ...

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25 Jan 2022
Safeguarding employees’ retirement savings and considering the best risk benefits. ...

How new legislation affects your retirement

17 Nov 2021
Although the default regulations placed extra obligations on trustees, they have also led to many innovative and low-cost products that trustees could make available to their members. ...

Trust in your investment strategy

16 Apr 2021
The most natural instinct for investors is to react to a market crisis by moving to cash or to other asset classes that performed well in the past. ...

Prescribed assets: what the fuss is all about

30 Sep 2020    5
For now, do not make hasty decisions or act on rumours. ...

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