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Wouter Fourie, CFP® – Author on retirement and investments and previous financial planner of the year. He is the CEO of Ascor® Independent Wealth Managers, one of the first multidisciplinary practices in South Africa. Ascor was crowned the Best Advisor Practice for South Africa in 2016 and again in 2018 as awarded by International Advisor magazine, a UK-based global publication.

Wouter is an Advanced Post Graduate Qualified Financial Planner (Investments and Estate planning) with more than 23 years’ experience in the field of comprehensive financial planning and wealth management. He is also a qualified Professional Accountant (SA) with postgraduate qualifications in advanced taxation.

Wouter is the co-author of the best-seller book “The Ultimate Guide to Retirement in South Africa” (now in the second edition), and “Secure your Retirement” with Bruce Cameron. (for more information visit

Wouter Fourie, CFP®, won the 2015/2016 FPI Financial Planner of the Year award sponsored by Personal Finance, which honours the most proficient professional financial planner in the profession. He was recently named on the IA100 list by the International Adviser magazine as one of the 100 most influential individuals in the Financial Planning industry, globally. Wouter is actively involved in financial literacy education and served on the FPI Board of Directors and as Chairman of the FPI Centre for Professional Development until 2018.

Wouter has been invited as a keynote speaker at numerous seminars (FPI annual convention, SAIFAA seminar, Momentum International Global Matters, and more). He is also a regular guest on Business Day TV, Kyknet TV, Summit TV, RSG Radio, and various other radio stations and a guest lecturer at the University of Pretoria. Wouter received special recognition from FPI’s previous CEO, Godfrey Nti, for volunteering and his contribution to helping raise the level of professionalism of financial planning in South Africa as well as building a strong sense of community within the financial planning profession.

For more information and articles written by Wouter – Google “Wouter Fourie”.

Company info

At Ascor® we help clients build, manage, protect, and transition wealth. Ascor® is a fee based business and one of the first multidisciplinary practices in South Africa, offering comprehensive Wealth Management Services (“one stop professional services”) by incorporating Financial Planning, Investments, Auditing, Accounting, Consulting, Tax, Estate Planning and Estate Administration under one roof.

Ascor® offers a range of dynamic financial solutions for individuals and businesses. With some of the best qualified Financial Planners we provide superior advice and service. Our commitment is to give you, the client, first class service. For more information visit our website : or call us at 086 1113 187

Wouter on Moneyweb

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recruitment, retirement savings, the great resignation

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Wouter's views

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Factors to keep in mind when moving after retirement

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Ignore offshore investments at your own peril

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You are going to lose out on investment returns and global growth if you shunt this valuable add-on to your investment portfolio. ...

How to reduce spending during retirement

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Don’t be shy to ask for pensioner discount. ...

Retrenched before retirement age? Keep the following in mind

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Following from the previous article, we look at some of the key considerations if you are facing early retirement due to retrenchment. ...

Retiring because of retrenchment? Beware the risks!

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Retirement savings: divorced spouse’s rightful claim

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A divorcee can lay a claim to a portion of their partner's monthly pay-out from a living annuity. ...

Structuring a tax-efficient retirement and savings plan

7 Jan 2021
Your taxable income decreases by the amount that you save for retirement. ...

Are you an executive on a company pension? You need help!

23 Dec 2020    2
Even though you have a company pension fund, you remain primarily responsible for the management of these funds. ...

Temporary changes to drawdown rate a blessing and a curse

5 May 2020
It may be advisable to leave as much of your savings in place until the market has had time to recover. ...

Prescribed assets – why all the fuss?

25 Oct 2019
The government can solve its money problem by drawing on the more than R6 trillion in managed savings. ...

Don’t let the default option lead you to a false sense of security

12 Jul 2019
A default plan doesn't consider a retiree’s personal circumstances, and there's a risk that it'll severely underperform your growth. ...

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Trading in bitcoin, ethereum? Sars wants its share

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Timing the market

25 Apr 2017
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Ascor crowned best independent financial advisor

18 Nov 2016
The award and others underscores our client-focused approach. ...

Keep calm and have a retirement investment plan

18 Nov 2016
Having a well-defined and long-term plan should curb effects of market turmoil on your investments. ...

Creating a will

18 Nov 2016
A few things to consider. ...

A checklist for the holidays

18 Nov 2016
Here are a few things you need to take care of before embarking on a trip. ...

Happy kids, healthy budget

18 Nov 2016
It is easier than you think this holiday season. ...

Why you should start planning for retirement ASAP

15 Sep 2016
Young people face a longer life in retirement than their parents, so it's imperative they save enough for the golden years. ...

Think you are too young to live debt-free?

15 Sep 2016
Here's four steps to get you out of debt and enjoying a financially independent life and retirement. ...

Starting your own business? Do not forget about life cover

16 Aug 2016
Things to keep in mind to protect your legacy and your family’s well-being, after a dreaded disease diagnosis or if you pass away. ...

Managing your household expenses in these tough economic times

16 Aug 2016
During tough economic times, try to limit your exposure to debt as much as possible. ...

Travelling abroad? Here are some tips

16 Aug 2016
How you can make the most of your money. ...

Retirement annuities and compound interest – twice the growth

16 Aug 2016
Forget get-rich-quick schemes; an RA offers incredible benefits that will see your funds grow ever-faster, provided you have the patience to start investing early and keep at it. ...

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