SA’s finances as a household budget

If the monthly income was R91 625, SA’s monthly shortfall would be nearly R60 000.
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South Africa’s financial position has deteriorated significantly since February this year.

Moneyweb recalculated the amounts Finance Minister Tito Mboweni disclosed in the Supplementary Budget on Wednesday, to represent the country’s financial position as a simple monthly household scenario.

Mboweni’s budget contains many references to trillions, billions and millions and it is not easy to comprehend the actual situation. A monthly version is a lot easier to digest. The reworked monthly budget appears in the table below:

Monthly budget
Original 2021 budget Supplementary budget
Income R116 500 R91 625
Expenses R147 167 R150 767
Non-interest expenditure R128 058 R131 058
Debt service costs R19 108 R19 700
Shortfall -R30 667 -R59 142
Debt owed R3 562 000 R3 970 000


The household budget reflects that Household South Africa will see a monthly income of R91 625, but have R151 000 worth of bills to pay. This means there is a monthly shortfall of nearly R60 000.

This shortfall will be financed with debt, which already stands (reworked to fit the budget) at nearly R4 million.

Interest payments will amount to R19 700 a month, or 21.5% of total income.

Furthermore, this shortfall needs to be financed with debt.

It is clear that this household needs urgent intervention, by either increasing revenue or cutting expenses. The latter is unlikely in the short- to medium term.

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Viva ANC. HKGK. Pity we’ll all have to take a bite. If my fiances looked like this I’d be worried and to get your fiances to this point, you’d have to be incompetent, and that is putting it very mild.

This fiancee has very ugly sisters…

Congrats to Ryk van Niekerk. This is brilliant way of illustrating the financial position in a way that makes sense to the ordinary person.

If this is the “ANC Luthuli Household”, the response would be:

“Love, it means there’s still plenty of money left over to spend on another new BMW X5”

I don’t think that most of the ANC leadership worries about how loan monies ever will get paid back. Paying back is so yesterday. Rather lets concentrate how we can continue looting.

Sorry Ryk but you missed one explanation.
South Africa’s debt of R3.5Trillion is only the Federal Debt and does not include the Provincial and Municipal Debt.

I’ve tried several times to find the Provincial and municipal debt but very little to old information comes up.

The government needs to start being honest with the Citizens of the republic.

Believe it or not but there was a time when SA Inc made spent less than when it received, but thanks in large to the vote buying and heavy taxes this ponzi scheme is collapsing unfortunately at the cost of every citizen…

Reflected as a household budget, with the ANC as the ‘head of the household’ it is like this:
– There is no money in the bank and yet you are asking your overseas uncle (which you have openly stated that you hate) for another few hundred billion Rand;
– You have 15 kids of your own, but there are another 30 ‘ghost’ kids that you are ‘looking after’;
– The wives (who we have lost count of) have unlimited spending capabilities on the numerous credit cards;
– The family members have stepped from stealing the household money to also stealing the loaned money from overseas, which has made the hated uncle overseas sit up and take further notice;
– The household maintenance budget, long since depleted, means that the house is crumbling;
– The household members and wives are running around trashing the house in a riot because they want an inflation beating raise on their allowances so that they can buy more bling and hairdo’s;
– No one has noticed that household expenditure is much higher than income and has become unsustainable and no-one is answering to the debt collectors at the door.

In light of the recent BLM movement the absolute best thing that can be done for Black Lives is for their countries to be governed effectively yet South Africa’s ruling party refuses to do this. Rampant crime for decades, lack of service delivery, massive unemployment, load-shedding since 2008, weak economic growth for a decade yet no sign of reforms needed to correct these issues. You cannot run a country like this and then claim BLM in my opinion.

True, Colson. The fact is that the ANC has NOT operated as if Black Lives Matter. Members of the ruling party have looted and stolen taxpayer money by the billion (yes, Zuptas, we’re looking at you). As a consequence, tens of millions of poor Black people now have rotten healthcare, minimal sanitation, dreadful education,and no access to clean water. It would be far better for BLM protesters to parade before Luthuli House and demand that the robbers in the ANC (plus the EFF) were brought to swift justice.

End of comments.



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