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Managers pick mini-me proteges of same gender, race – study

About 71% of executives with mentees say they’re of the same gender and race.

For those worried that the #MeToo movement has discouraged men from mentoring women at work, the Center for Talent Innovation has some news: There wasn’t a lot of progress to roll back in the first place.

Research shows that, as of a year ago, most company mentors, male or female, chose proteges like themselves. About 71% of executives with mentees said they’re of the same gender and race, according to research released by CTI, a New York-based non-profit that advises companies on diversity. Sponsors also said that only about 23% of their pupils had a different management style or skills, according to the January 2018 poll of more than 3 200 men and women in white-collar jobs.

The report, which has surveyed mentor trends since 2010, also found that while more than half of mentors say their proteges have leadership potential, less than a third are advocating for their promotion. Getting the mix right is important because employees with sponsors are more likely to be happy with their pace of promotion and less likely to be looking for another job, according to CTI.

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I’m shocked, shocked I tell you!

Agreed, positively horrific that one might elect to work with one’s own culture, interests and codes of mortality!

Real scientific research I’m sure. Released by a CTI whose agenda is ??? Follow the money and publicity value. Diversity trumping merit is a recipe for decay and decline.

I’m really getting tired of these recycled articles from Bloomberg. No real relevance to our experience in SA.

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